Chapter 43

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After Dinner, the Vanderwood family decided that it was time to relax. It has been almost a week since Vinny discovered his feelings for Oliver, and they all wanted to spend some time together as a new family. Things have moved and developed so quickly, they needed a chance to live in the present. So, agreeing to have some well-deserved time in the Roman baths felt rather rewarding.

Duke and Madison were sitting with their feet in the pool. It was nice for them to unwind and to not think about anything other than enjoying themselves. John was messing around with an inflatable which he found on one of the shelves, as Oliver stood next to the pool. He was waiting for Vinny to put some new towels up on the racks.

This time, they both had shorts on but they didn't have t-shirts. At first, Oliver was trying not to blush at Vinny's toned body, but he didn't know the vampire was doing the same.

After putting their feelings aside, they managed to get used to seeing each other's bare chests, yet it was strange for Oliver to see Vinny in something other than his smart clothing. He has never seen a Vampire wear modern clothing or follow the fashion. It was normal to see them smart all the time.

"You don't have any valuables in your pockets do you?" He heard Vinny's deep voice ask.

"You're going to push me in again aren't you?" Oliver asked while turning around.

"Of course not, why would I do-" Before he finished, he reached out and pushed his soulmate into the pool.

Just like last time, his whole body was submerged under the warm water. It gushed into his ears and nose as the warmth felt soothing against his skin.

He quickly resurfaced and shook the hair out of his eyes.

"You love doing that, I can tell," He chuckled and rested a hand on the side.

"It's quite amusing." Vinny sat on the edge as Oliver pulled himself up so he could sit next to him.

How long can you hold your breath?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, shall we see who can hold it for the longest?"

"Okay," Oliver grinned. Watching Vinny slide smoothly into the pool was strangely satisfying for his affection. He ignored it and entered too.

Taking in big amounts of air, they ducked underwater. Vinny held Oliver's arm as they attempted to sink down and towards the bottom.

Everything was silent. It reminded them of the kiss they shared under here. It was so soothing and tranquil. The slow motions and the beautiful mosaic floor was enough to settle their minds. They watched each other, wondering who was going back up first. But Oliver knew it would be him.

When their feet touched the bottom, the human looked around the big pool until his eyes landed on his favourite sight of all, Vinny. He loved his black hair and how it moved so gently with the motion of the water. His gaze was so soft and peaceful, it was almost like he wasn't even holding his breath.

The reflection of the water and the light bounced off his perfect skin, making him look more striking than what he already was.

Vinny watched his soulmate put a hand over his mouth, finding it hard to hold his breath. He didn't know that Vampires have a big lung capacity and could naturally hold their breaths for longer. When Oliver felt the slight pressure in his ears, his lungs begged for air.

He pushed off the pool floor and headed back to the surface. The vampire stayed underwater. He loved how free and calm his mind felt when he could hear nothing but the tender movement of the liquid.

Oliver waited until he got his breath back. He looked down to see Vinny sitting on the floor, undisturbed.

"Has he got gills or something?" Mumbling to himself, their parents chuckle. He held his breath again before swimming down to his soulmate.

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