Chapter 47

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Oliver was horrified and very disturbed. His mum was holding a gun against his soulmates head and a gun against her own. What sort of monster would give their own son a decision like that?

Vinny could not believe she would ask such a question. There's definitely something not right with her cognitive thoughts. She is most definitely losing her mind.

"No," Oliver breathed while shaking his head.

"No?" His mum questioned. Vinny watched the fear and the anger grow in his soulmates eyes.

"I choose no one." Oliver could barely blink. "How dare you do this to me." What an impossible choice. If Vinny died, then he would die with him. And if his mum died, his heart would die with her. But would she seriously kill herself if he chose his lover?

"You have to choose. That's part of the game."

"THIS ISN'T A GAME!" Oliver shouted, reaching the end of his tether. "This is a life you're thinking about taking!" Vinny could see he had now lost his patience. "You brought me here to rescue me from the Vampires, but you're only killing me. Didn't you listen when Vinny said if he dies, I die? But why would you even consider putting a gun to your own head!?"

The woman was staring at her son with no emotion. Yet, something in her seemed to calm down as she brought the guns away and held them by her side.

"You're no fun," She mumbled, her voice was still monotone.

Vinny relaxed. He had no idea what she was thinking and what she was capable of.

"Now, will you please let us go?" He questioned through gritted teeth as Vinny wrapped his warm fingers around his tight fist.

"I can see I've upset you-"

"You think!?" Oliver yelled with a deep frown. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Look, son, try and see it from my point of view-"

"How? you faced a gun at yourself and made me choose between two people that mean something in my life. Your point of view is so messed up." Oliver was disgusted with his mother.

"I'm desperate!" She shouted back. "I have no one. Your dad hates me, my boyfriend dumped me and now you. You're the only person I have left."

Oliver could see right through her lies.

"Don't try and guilt trip me. If you were so lonely, you would have kept in touch."

"This is me trying!"

Oliver almost laughed.

"You need help," He muttered before attempting to walk past her but she stepped back and blocked his exit.

"If you're not going to stay with me, then I have no purpose in this world anymore."

Vinny saw her hands begin to shake. She dropped one of the guns and stared at Oliver like it was their final goodbye. He knew what was coming.

"I love you son." Whispering sadly, she abruptly moved the gun and pointed it under her own chin.

"NO!" Oliver cried when the vampire lunged forwards and knocked it out of her hand. He has seen his fair share of suicides in his lifetime, but he wasn't prepared to see it happen to Oliver's mum.

He tackled her against the wall while she kicked and screamed.

"No, I don't belong here!" She dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Vinny had to do something, she was losing her mind. Oliver was frozen, his mum almost killed herself right in front of him.

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