Chapter 65

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I'm really sorry that this took so long, but the completed story is on Quotev which is why I'm not stressing about updates, and I do have other story commitments. Though I didn't realise it had been like a month!!!! D:

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"I don't understand, how can it possibly get any stronger?" John asked, taking off his snow-covered coat.

"I don't know," Duke said with a wandering gaze, glancing at the boys who were throwing things at each other.

"When will it happen?" John asked.

"We don't know, but Jasper thinks it'll be soon."

Madison's parents went home, but they will be back again tomorrow, and this time they'll bring an instrument that can measure how far the souls have deepened.

Oliver caught the cushion that Vinny launched at his head. He was sitting on the opposite couch in the dining room.

"Will you stop? I'm going to smother you with it," the human chuckled, throwing it back.

"Smother me with your love instead," Vinny said with no emotion.

"Make me."

Vinny's eyes glistened at the challenge. He slowly sat up, taking his time, until suddenly diving towards his soulmate. Oliver was already one step ahead and jumped over the back of the couch.

Their parents glanced at the loud commotion as Vinny grabbing Oliver, tugging him back over the couch.

"Why are you so strong?" Oliver struggled to get out of his grip, failing against his supernatural abilities.

Vinny smiled at this, but Oliver caught him off guard and pushed him onto the floor.

"I take it back," he chuckled.

Vinny sat on the ground with an entertained expression. He loved to play fight with Oliver; it was just another excuse for them to make that physical touch.

Just as he reached out to grab the human's leg, a loud screeching noise echoed through the building. It sounded like a fire alarm, but by Vinny's expressed concern, it wasn't.

Oliver covered his ears. His eyes could barely focus, it was incredibly loud and sore.

"What's happening?" he yelled as Vinny helped to cover his ears. "What is that?"

"It's a panic alarm!" Vinny shouted as Jed opened the door and ran to Duke and Madison.

The alarm was designed to make human ears very sensitive because it is rare that vampires attack other vampires. So most of the time, humans are the ones to break into their home.

John was struggling to cope with the noise too.

"We can't confirm what tripped the alarm!" Jed shouted.

Madison looked worried, and it was starting to get dark outside. The last time the kidnappers broke in, they didn't trip the alarm. Maybe it was someone different.

Oliver scrunched his eyes shut and pushed his face into Vinny's chest. His head was pounding to the beat of his heart.

"Let's go; there's a car waiting!" Jed yelled, running to the boys. "Come on, follow me!"

Everyone got up and followed Jed out of the dining-room. John and Oliver saw how the staff experienced the same pain as them.

The noise barely affected the Vanderwood's, but it was loud, and Vinny could only focus on getting Oliver out.

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