Chapter 7

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It was now quarter to twelve. Only fifteen minutes are left of the day and Vinny is still pretending that he hasn't discovered his soulmate. Usually, he wouldn't care about what people thought of him but when it comes to his parents, he did care.
After the initial shock of getting over the fact that his soulmate was male, he started worrying more and more about his mum and dad.

If he was finding this tricky to deal with, they most likely will too. But they might understand and maybe help him through it, Although, he wasn't prepared to take that chance.

What is he going to do? How can he hide this overnight? He won't be able to stay separated from this guy. His parents will surely know. But he was prepared to keep on pretending, just until he was more used to it and ready to tell people.

In other words, his parents.

"What will happen if the Master's soulmate doesn't turn up?" Oliver heard one person ask as he put empty glasses into the dishwasher.

"Maybe they got it wrong?" Another person questioned.

"Can you imagine being the Master's soulmate? He's so hot." By this time, Oliver zoned out. He hoped that the Master found his soulmate. He must be worried that she hasn't turned up by now.

There was a lot of staff in the kitchen as most of the guests had gone home, even the young females. Oliver thought they would, at least, stay until midnight so they know for sure it isn't them.
That's what he would've done anyway.

"Ollie, can you offer the Vanderwood's some more drinks?" A guy asked, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Sure," He smiled. Everyone looked exhausted. They had been working since half eight in the morning and bed was long overdue.

Oliver got a selection of drinks. He placed wine, beer, water, orange juice and apple juice on his tray and headed back out and into the big hall.

There were a few people still hanging around but the event was pretty much finished. The lights had come back on and the music was turned down. Oliver looked around at all the rubbish, knowing he would be cleaning it up tomorrow.

He spotted the Alpha, female Alpha and the Master standing next to a table. The Master looked a little lost. His expression was still emotionless but his eyes almost looked a bit sad.
Oliver felt bad for him but he still had ten minutes left.

"Would you like a drink?" He asked while trying so hard to keep in a yawn. The Alpha ignored him but female Alpha took some water. He turned to the Master who was staring intensely at the table. Was he okay?

"Son, do you want something to drink?" Duke asked. His parents were now worried. How could she not be here yet? The day is so closely at its end. What would they do if he was left with no one?

"No, I'm fine," He mumbled while his gaze wandered to Oliver's feet.

Just a glimpse of him made his heart burst in his chest.

"Would you like anything to eat Vinny?" Madison asked. They could see the clear worry in his eyes.
They didn't know how to comfort him. How could they tell him that it was all fine when in fact, it wasn't. They had no idea why this was happening.

He shook his head and tried to turn the other way.

His soulmate was standing right there. He wanted nothing more than to grab his hand and connect that bond. He wanted to feel how smooth and warm his skin was. He wanted to look up to those big soft eyes and see the love in them too, but he couldn't, and it was killing him.

It was still strange for him to think that about another male but he was surprising himself by how much he was trying to accept it. Maybe it was because the love was just so overpowering, he had no other choice but to accept it.

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