Chapter 36

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"No, I don't see it," Oliver tilted his head. Vinny looked at the painting then back to his soulmate.

"How can you not see that?" He stood behind him and stared from his perspective. They were looking at an illusion painting that Madison bought in the eighteenth century. It can show two pictures, depending on how someone looked at it.

Vinny put his hands on both sides of the human's face and tilted his head to the perfect angle. Oliver frowned until his mind chose to see it differently.

"Oh, I see it!" He grinned, making Vinny chuckle which melted his senses. He turned to face his vampire, still finding it very unusual to be this comfortable around the master. "So um, I was wondering if you wanted to go have like a late lunch... or something?" His heart thumped in his chest.

"Okay." Vinny reached down and held onto his fingers. He rubbed his thumb across his knuckles with a sparkle in his eyes. "Would you like to go to our restaurant? Or somewhere different?"

Oliver thought about it however, he was still a little weak.

"I'm not sure if I want to face outside yet. But I will if you don't want to eat in your restaurant?" He asked quickly. He shouldn't just assume that Vinny wanted to stay inside.

"I want to go wherever you want to go." Oliver bit down on his bottom lip at Vinny's sweet nature. "Come on." He started walking down the corridor with his hand tightly intertwined with his soulmates.

Oliver still couldn't believe he was living in the Vanderwood mansion. It was crazy to him and his dreams had really come true.

He slyly watched Vinny as they walked. He liked how much power he holds, he likes his glare that makes even the toughest of men look away. He likes his blunt sense of humour and his short-fused anger. He loves how Vinny always wears black, apart from his waistcoats. He comes across as quite dark and mysterious.

But most of all, he liked how he showed him nothing but love and affection. Vinny only showed that side of himself to Oliver and for that, it made him feel extremely special.

He just really liked everything about him, he didn't know how to explain it. It appeared when they first connected the bond and he felt like it has gotten stronger over the time that they have spent together.

Vinny could feel him staring. He was trying his hardest not to glare at people in the hallways but it comes naturally. He glanced at Oliver with a raised eyebrow.


"Nothing," Oliver spoke quickly with a sweet smile. Vinny shook his head before pulling him closer. His skin became tingly when their shoulders touched.

"Oh, master! I've been looking for you," They heard a woman say, making them both turn. She looked like she was in her mid-fifties with long grey hair and wore a maids uniform.

Vinny stared blankly at her.

"Why?" He was blunt, as usual. She shifted awkwardly under his gaze before clearing her throat.

"Alpha wants to see you in the living room," She said quietly while her eyes glanced to Oliver. He gave her a warm smile, making her instantly relax.

The vampire sighed before turning away.

"Uh, thank you," Oliver only just managed to get his words out as Vinny pulled him down the corridor. "I bet she loves you," He muttered.

Vinny eyed him with amusement.

"Everybody loves me."

They stopped outside the kitchen and the halls were busy as usual. However, it did not hold Vinny back from moving closer. He was feeling affectionate and craved his soulmate's warm skin.

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