Chapter 27

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"How would you feel if your dad agreed?" Vinny asked and leant his back against the brick wall. He and Oliver were sitting in the attic. Vinny was watching him rummage through some boxes.

After John received the option of turning into a vampire, he and Oliver talked for a little while before he went off on his own to let his mind settle. He had no idea what he should choose and neither did his son.

"I'm not sure," He pulled out a little silver case from a dusty cardboard box. "I think, it'll be weird at first, but it'll mean he get's a long life like I now have." In all honesty, he didn't mind if his dad chose to turn into a vampire.

He looked in the case to see a silver patterned spoon, laid in velvet. He turned it round to see a date that read: '1906'.

"Why did spoons come in cases?" Oliver asked and showed it to Vinny.

"That's a medicine spoon." Most of the things that he was looking through, he hadn't seen in years.

Oliver closed it and put it back in the box before walking over to Vinny. He sat down next to him and felt a little excited when he was really close.

"Do you think your dad will agree to it?" Vinny asked and watched Oliver's knee rest against his.

"I honestly have no idea," Oliver shrugged.

"Would you like him to agree to it?"

"Yeah... I think I would," He answered. "Mainly because I don't want him to pass away within fifty to sixty years of old age and I'll still be eighteen."

Vinny nodded. That was the reason his dad asked. If he was in Oliver's shoes, he'd want his dad to make the change and receive a longer life.

"Well, he has a while to decide," Vinny then stood up. He pulled Oliver up too before heading towards the stairs. As Oliver put his hand on the railing, an old bit of wood was sticking up and it cut his finger. He jumped and pulled it back. Vinny turned to see why he gasped, but something else hit him first.

The smell of blood.

Vinny was aware that the annual day for him to drink two pints of blood was only a few days away and in the run up to it, his cravings get stronger. But he hasn't mentioned it to Oliver, he didn't want to worry him.

"Are you okay?" He asked when Oliver stuck his finger in his mouth to stop the bleeding.

"Yeah, it's just a scratch," He smiled. Vinny nodded, he was trying not to look. His soulmate could see the slight discomfort on his face when he remembered he was a vampire.

When he was sure the bleeding stopped, he put his hands in his hoody pockets so he didn't have to look. He didn't understand why it might be a problem, but just in case it was, he didn't want Vinny to feel uncomfortable.

The vampire turned and walked down the rest of the steps. His cravings were pulsing through his body, but he was still strong enough to resist, especially when it was Oliver's blood he was resisting too.

"So where are we headed?" Oliver asked as Vinny cleared his throat.

"I just need to speak with my dad for a moment. The music room is just down the hall if you want to have a look. I won't be too long."

"Sure, just this way?" He asked before pointing down the hallway.

"Yes, I'll be back soon." Vinny quickly turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Oliver watched until he was gone. He wondered if seeing him cut himself triggered something, but he wasn't worried if that was the case. He knows Vinny would never hurt him.

* * * * *

Vinny checked everywhere downstairs, but he couldn't find his dad. He headed back up to the second floor and walked towards his study. When he was stood outside, he knocked a few times and hoped he was there.

"Come in," Duke said and watched the door open. He was surprised to see it was his son.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked before shutting the door behind him.

"Of course, take a seat son," He got up from his desk and sat in front of him with a gentle smile. "What's up?"

"In a few days it's time for me to drink my annual blood and I'm just a bit concerned."

Duke nodded to show he was listening.

"What about?"

"Well, Oliver cut his finger earlier and I found it quite hard. It smelt really strong," He looked down to his hands. Duke forgot about his soulmate being a potential risk when he is close to needing blood.

Every year, Vinny distances himself from any human, but it's going to be impossible when he has a strong bond with one.

"It's Sunday now, and you'll need it on Tuesday?" Duke asked. Vinny nodded. "Okay, well on that morning, we'll wake Oliver before you're awake, take him downstairs and then let you drink until the cravings have gone," Duke suggested but he knew it would be harder and harder for Vinny as the day gets closer.

"Okay, good idea," He mumbled and sat back against the chair. "Can you not tell Oliver until you wake him on Tuesday? I don't want him to know that I'll be struggling to be close to him."

"I won't tell him," His dad smiled before crossing his arms and inspecting him. "So, How's your relationship going?"

Vinny knew he'd try and ask but he didn't mind talking about it.

"Good," He watched his dad carefully. He didn't want any embarrassing questions to come up.

"Are you both getting used to your feelings and so on?" Duke asked.


"And have you taken your relationship further, as in-"

"Please, do not ask what I think you're going to ask," Vinny glared at him.

"What? I want to see how quickly you develop a strong bond. We don't know how it works," Duke said innocently. They have never been around a strong bond before and wondered when their relationship would turn serious. They know they are strongly in love when they first connect. "You seem to be getting closer every time we see you two together, so it's only natural for-"

"Yeah, thank's dad," Vinny said quickly before getting up and heading out of the room. He shut the door behind him and started walking away. He knew what his dad was trying to ask and Vinny was in no position to talk about it.

He was glad that he could talk to his dad, but not about things so personal.

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