Chapter 54

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"Is everyone buckled up?" Duke asked before turning to Jed who was driving. They discussed how many bodyguards were going to be with them today.

Oliver looked around the posh car. It had a driver's seat and a passenger seat. Behind those, it had two seats that faced the back of the car and two seats that faced the front. Duke and Madison sat facing the boot while Oliver and Vinny sat facing them. It was perfect for social trips.

The human looked at all the different buttons on the side of the door; he had no idea what uses they had. It was a very posh car. He had never been in one quite like it.

"Oliver, would you like the heating on?" Jed asked as he drove towards the gate. He never asked the vampires; they very rarely get cold.

"Yes please," he beamed. The weather was clear and dry, but very low in temperature. He leant his head against the back of the seat and rubbed his eyes. His body was still recovering from the early start.

Vinny moved closer until they felt the warm presence of one another. Oliver noticed that the vampire has been more affectionate with him. He didn't mind though; he loved it. Maybe he was still protective because of the kidnapping, and he wanted to be close? Or perhaps it was just because they felt their feelings developing, and they tried to explore one another's comfort.

Oliver has his suspicions that the connection felt stronger, but was it possible for an already strong bond to be even more secure?

"What are you thinking about?" Vinny asked, snapping his soulmate from his gaze. The human didn't realise that he had been staring at Vinny the entire time. He cleared his throat and diverted his eyes. Looked down, Oliver's blush never went unnoticed in the eyes of the vampire.

"I was just thinking about the bond," he said. "Is it possible for it to get stronger?"

Vinny paused for a moment and said, "I'm not sure. Do you feel like it has?"

"Well, I didn't know if it was just me getting used to you, but I think I do."

The vampire studied his face.

"It is possible," Duke interrupted. He was always interested in what his son and his soulmate talked about; their topics were often fascinating.

"It is?" his son questioned.

"Yes. Sometimes when a strong bond is so cleverly combined, it can bring the soulmates even closer," he sat forwards and continued, "but it would take two people who are completely perfect for each other for it to work."

Oliver raised his eyebrows with interest.

"How do you know about this?" asked Vinny, equally as interested.

"It happened to my Grandad," said Madison, also joining the conversation. The family were on the road now, and it was going to take a while for them to get to their destination, so it was nice to talk about interesting things. "He and his wife had a strong bond, and they were one hundred percent the right match. They started off with a regular strong bond, but as the days passed, they began to feel closer, and their feelings grew until it hit them like a blow to the chest. And ever since then, whenever they were together, they had to be holding hands or doing something affectionate because they craved it too much," she smiled. "They could still be apart for two hours, but when they were together, they had to be extremely close."

Vinny wondered why she never told him, but he was never one to ask about his parents family. He never wanted to talk about it.

"And do you both feel like it is becoming stronger?" Duke asked.

The boys looked at each other, a little confused, but intrigued.

"I do, but at the same time, I'm not sure if it's just me getting used to you now or if my feelings might be growing," Oliver said, even though the vampire acted needier today. Merely looking at his human made the vampire's heart melt.

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