Chapter 9

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The birds sang in the trees as morning approached. The snow had fallen heavily throughout the night, adding an extra foot to the snow that had already laid. 

Vinny felt a little sore. He was groggy as his conscious mind started to surface. Everything around him was quiet and confusing. Where is he?

He moved his numb legs while his eyes slowly opened. He frowned when the surroundings were unfamiliar. The bright light bounced off the small walls in Oliver's bedroom. He was leaning against the bedside table with his head resting gently against the side of the mattress. 

He slowly lifted his head, feeling the pain strike down his neck. But he quickly looked at Oliver and was thankful to see he was still sleeping. He blinked tiredly, not quite believing that he fell asleep.

He looked at the time which said that it was quarter past seven.

He sighed and slowly got up. He stretched for a long few seconds, trying to get the blood flowing through his legs again. He must have been tired to sleep on a stranger's floor. 

It hurt deep within his heart that he had to leave Oliver again. But he would be waking up soon and Vinny needed to tell his parents before he told his soulmate. Well, that's what he had planned. But whether he'll tell them when he's face to face, is still yet undecided. 

He stole a long glance at his soulmate who had most of his head buried under the duvet and the rest of him lay curled up. He had barely moved all night. Vinny's mind wondered to a better time. A time when he could cuddle Oliver when he slept. He would watch him until he woke, only then to pull him into a sleepy kiss. 

His spine shuddered at the thought of kissing another guy. He wondered what it would feel like but he was more nervous about pleasing him. He knew he would enjoy kissing him, but as much as he wanted to be close to Oliver in that way, he knew it would take a little bit of time for him to get used to it. 

Vinny eventually managed to tear his eyes away and force himself to leave. He couldn't be here when Oliver's alarm went off. 

He silently made his way to the door and without looking back, he opened it and walked out. He couldn't look back, it would hurt too much for him to leave.

He stood, listening for any noises but when he couldn't detect any, he made his way towards the window. 

With a glum look on his face, he left.

* * * * *

"He has been gone all night," Duke said as he sat down in his grand dining chair.

"If he's not back in an hour, I'm sending a search party," Madison mumbled and continued to pace up and down.

"He'll just be upset," He sighed and looked out of the window.

"Where could he go all night?" Madison asked whilst throwing her arms up. "What if he's injured?" Her expression suddenly turned to worry. Even though Vinny can be rebellious, he is also very wise and mature and this is the first time he has been away all night without even a single word. 

Duke got up from his chair and went over to comfort his wife.

"I'm sure he'll be fine. He is a sensible boy. He'll just be upset and wanted to clear his head." He gave her a tight hug.

"What do we do Duke, Why has this happened to him?" Madison was almost on the verge of tears. "It isn't fair. That poor boy, he has been through so much. And now this?"

"Please don't be upset my darling. We'll figure something out." 

Just as he said that, Vinny opened the door and entered the grand dining room. 

Both of his parents looked quickly over and relief spread through their expressions.

"Vinny, where in gods name have you been!?" Madison asked as she swallowed the lump in her throat. She hurried over to him and pulled him into a tight hug.

He didn't reply, but he hugged back. He didn't know if this hug would be the last one he'd have after what he has to say to them.

Duke was next to pull him into a hug.

"Son, we know you're upset, but please never do that to us again."

He pulled away and gave him a relieved smile.

"I won't," He whispered and looked down to his feet. "I'm sorry." He wished he wasn't in this situation. 

"Where did you go?" Madison asked while making him take off his damp waistcoat.

Vinny diverted his eyes to the window. 

"I have to tell you something."
* * * * *

Oliver woke suddenly. His alarm clock made him jump as it screeched through the room. He held onto his throbbing head and pushed the alarm off the bedside table. Surprisingly, it turned off. 

He scrunched his tired eyes shut and sat up. Today, he felt awful. His head was sore, his eyes were stinging and his mind was foggy. 

When he stood up and stretched, his dad came into the bedroom.

"Did you open the hall window this morning?" He asked. He looked just as tired as Oliver.

"No, is that why it's so cold?" He shivered while wrapping his arms around himself. "You probably did it in your sleep," Oliver yawned before walking past him and into the bathroom. 

John chuckled and headed downstairs.

Oliver was too tired to even think about anything other than getting dressed. He put on his work trousers and a white shirt before brushing his teeth and brushing roughly through his hair. He looked quickly into the mirror and to his surprise, he didn't look as tired as he felt, which was a good thing. 

When he entered the kitchen, he was handed a big cup of coffee.

"Looks like we're both walking to work today," John said and opened the blinds to reveal nothing but white. Oliver groaned as he looked at the deep snow, covering everything.

"When will it end," He said dramatically and slumped into his seat.

"Hopefully soon," John chuckled.

* * * * *

Duke frowned.

"What is it?" He questioned, seeing that his son now looked quite worried.

"I uh-" Vinny trailed off. Why was it so hard for him? Why was he so scared? He could feel a faint pull, deep within his heart from Oliver. It was almost making him feel faint. He had to connect the bond soon. 

"Son, what's troubling you?" Duke asked. They have never seen him look like this before. Usually, he hides all his emotion and buries it deep down until he isn't affected by it anymore. But this was clearly too big for him to bury away.

Vinny took a few deep breaths. He could feel the words coming up his throat and he knew that they would come out whether he wanted them too or not. 

"There's something I should've told you last night." His deep voice was quiet and afraid that if he said it too loudly, it would come out wrong. 

Madison frowned, but then her mind began to piece things together.

"Wait," She said as a gasp left her lips. She raised her eyebrows. "You've found her haven't you?"

Vinny's whole body became tingly at the thought of correcting her, but it had to be done. 

With a shaky breath and a heavy beating heart, he looked them confidently in the eyes.

"I found him."

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