Chapter 55

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Oliver and Vinny stood by the shore. The sun sat low in the sky as it continued to rise through the morning. There was no wind on the beach, and the water was calm. The boys watched distant boats and wondered what their purpose was to be out in such cold conditions.

"Have you ever been surfing?" Oliver questioned. He remembered back to a holiday in Spain where he and John went surfing for the first time. He wasn't that good but would love to do it again in summer.

"No." Vinny watched Oliver sniff back the cold.

"You've lived for this long, and you've never been surfing?"

Vinny leant his head to the side.

"But now, I have plenty of time for that, with you." It still made his heart flutter at the thought of living such a long life with the human.

Oliver smiled and turned back to look at the horizon. He loved the sea but in warmer temperatures. His mind was trying not to think about his stupidly long lifeline; it was enough to send his soul into another universe.

"Do you have any valuables in your pockets?" The deep vampire's voice snaked its way into his ears.

Oliver's heart stopped as he turned his head, looking at his soulmate with wide eyes.

"No way!" He started walking away from the water, but Vinny grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Of course, he wasn't going to dunk him in the sea, primarily when it was beyond freezing, and the human would get very ill.

"I know you're joking." Oliver tried pulling Vinny's hands away.

"I'm not," he spoke with a serious expression, but the amusement in his eyes still showed.

He pulled Oliver roughly, and his body rested against him, making their faces instantly close. He connected his fingers around his back, trapping him. Oliver watched the sun reflect in Vinny's beautiful chocolate eyes. His black hair looked perfect against the crisp white snow.

"No swimming, not today," Oliver smiled and rested his arms on Vinny's neck.

The vampires gaze softened while it darted to his parents, sitting on a bench at the top of the beach. Numerous bodyguards were grazing around, but they were not close enough for Vinny to get angry.

His eyes fell back to his soulmate as he moved in closer and gently kissed his cheek.

"Your face is really cold," he said, allowing Oliver to feel his warm breath.

"I know, I can barely feel it."

Vinny smiled, not able to hold it off. He has noticed that he smiles more when he is with Oliver. He doesn't understand how one person can lighten his moods so much.

"I'll warm it up for you." Vinny started kissing his face multiple times. He kissed his cheeks, his nose, his forehead and his temples until Oliver pulled back and laughed. He could feel warm patches on his face.

"My lips are quite cold too," he mumbled and blinked with Innocence. Vinny bit gently on his bottom lip while his powerful stare wondered to his mouth.

"I can fix that."

Oliver felt the heat radiating from his face when he closed his eyes. Not even a second went by until he felt his warm lips brush against his own. He loved how Vinny was always so delicate and gentle. Oliver pushed further into him, sealing the kiss. They both breathed in each others scent and relaxed.

It was just one kiss, but it was enough to send their hearts and souls into a state of delight.

"Are they warmer?" asked the vampire.

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