Chapter 3

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  So today was the day. The alarm clock screeched through the room, indicating to Oliver that half seven had come. He groaned and knocked it to the ground. As usual, that didn't stop the noise. He sighed to himself before leaning over and switching it off.

"God I hate mornings," He muttered and flinched at the cold air. 

He got up, grabbed his clothes and walked quickly to the bathroom, hoping for a nice warm shower. 

When he was dry and dressed with his teeth brushed, he headed downstairs to where his dad was rushing around the kitchen.

"You okay?" He asked with a yawn.

"Yeah, I just forgot I had to go in early today," John sighed while putting on his coat. "I've gotta go, have a great day. I'll see you when you get in." He then pulled Oliver into a hug.

"Okay, love you, dad." 

"Love you too Ollie."

His dad ruffled his hair before quickly walking to the door. He gave his son a big smile before leaving. 

Oliver sat down at the table and nibbled on some cold toast. He had to admit, as much as today was going to be incredibly painful, he was maybe a little eager to see the Masters soulmate. He didn't really understand how it all worked. He didn't know how they would meet or when they would meet. He just knew it was today.

With one glance at the clock, he decided it was time to brave the weather. Maybe getting there a few minutes early wouldn't be a bad thing. Also, the ice will make the walk to the Vanderwood mansion, much slower.

* * * * *

"Will you put a goddamn smile on that face," Duke chuckled. "This is supposed to be one of the best days of your life."

Vinny sighed. He had spent most of the morning burning holes into the table with his glare.

"You're not helping," He muttered. He was nervous and maybe a little fearful of the sudden change that will happen within the next twenty-four hours. But most of all, he was his usual, moody self.

"I'm excited," Madison beamed as she watched her son stand up.

"I just wish that you didn't make such a big fuss about it," Vinny mumbled and crossed his arms.

"We understand that it's uncomfortable for you, but it's a ceremony we can't tone down. You know that." 

"I know," He sighed in defeat. 

"Right let's go, the staff will be waiting for us." Duke got up from his grand dining chair, ready to start the day.

Madison walked over to her son and pulled him into a hug. She knew he wouldn't hug back.

"I know you're nervous, but whoever you fall in love with today will love you back. That's guaranteed." She pulling her head from his chest and rested her hands on his broad shoulders. "Okay?" 

"Okay," Vinny mumbled, but deep down, he loved his mum's words of wisdom. They do help to settle his mind.
* * * * *

As Oliver approached the steps to the Vanderwood mansion, there were a few groups of people, standing around with banners. Some read 'We love your soulmate' while others read 'The perfect couple'. He rolled his eyes at how cheesy it was. Most of the people in this city would do whatever they could to suck up to the Vanderwood's.

They are basically royalty. 

Oliver was careful not to slip on the steps as he shivered from the minus temperatures. When he rung the worker's bell, the door opened immediately.

"Young Oliver quickly, inside," Charles said while stepping aside. "The cold is almost unbearable." 

Oliver passed him his coat and boots before he changed his shoes.

"Thank's Charles," He shouted while rushing past the staircase and down the long corridors. 

There were maids and butlers already cleaning the place spotless for the big event tonight.

Just as he managed to tuck in his shirt, he entered the kitchen to see most of the staff, waiting eagerly.

"Oliver, I would appreciate it if you didn't stroll in minutes before the Alpha is supposed to get here," Desmond said in his usual whiny tone.

Oliver mentally screamed in his head.

"Sorry." If he talked back to Desmond, he would make his life a living hell.

Well, he already does, to everyone.

Just then, the door opened and in walked Alpha, female Alpha, and the Master. They were early.

"Okay, I'm going to try and keep this short but today we need to concentrate on preparing for tonight and keeping the restaurant settled. Waiters and waitresses, prepare for a full house," Duke's eyes scanned the staff. Oliver was already expecting a very busy day today. "As for kitchen staff, it is important that you keep the cleaning in here maintained as we are still short of workers-" As he spoke, Oliver's gaze kept wandering to the Master.

For some reason, he looked, different. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. Maybe he was wearing a different waistcoat than what he's used to seeing him in. Maybe he had his hair cut? Whatever it was, it was sparking Oliver's interest.

"-alright? Have a good day everyone and remember, if you have any issues, go to Desmond and Desmond will come to me." The Alpha finished, just as Oliver zoned back in. He looked at Desmond who looked rather smug. He thinks because someone with such a high status as Duke Vanderwood was paying him interest, he was then valued as more important than the rest of them.

Oliver silently rolled his eyes before pulling out his notepad and pen, getting ready for the chaos of customers.

Vinny leant back against the kitchen worktop and watched the staff rush around him. He didn't quite know what he should be doing. Where was he supposed to meet his soulmate if he wasn't planning on going outside? Surely it couldn't be anyone working here. Maybe she would be a customer in the restaurant?

What the people didn't know was that Vinny's soulmate didn't have to be a vampire. Obviously, the family would be happier if it was. But there are a few family members along the Vanderwood's family tree that had human soulmates.

So it could be anyone.

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