Chapter 57

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The journey home was quiet. Oliver fell asleep half an hour ago. His chest was hurting him, but he managed to settle into his vampire and drift off with uncomfortable dreams.

Madison and Duke had been phoning the police and keeping in touch with their bodyguards. The secret service was holding the vampires captive and prepared for hefty interrogations when they wake up. When the secret service receives all of the information they need, they with kill the rogue vampires.

Vinny watched his soulmate while he slept. His breathing was a little wheezy, and he knew he was hurting. When Oliver coughed, he whimpered and snuggled against the vampires side.

"Is he okay?" Duke asked with concern.

"He's injured," Vinny said, grabbing Jed's attention.

"We entered your city a few minutes ago. I can drive you to the hospital if he needs medical attention?"

Vinny watched his parents, and they gave him a nod of approval.

"Okay, I would feel better if he was checked over."

Jed changed his route. Oliver did hit the ground hard when the vampires attacked. It was no surprise that he felt sore.

As they got closer to the hospital, Vinny decided to wake him.

"Oliver," he whispered and gently shook his shoulder. Oliver's eyes flickered while bringing a hand up to rub his chest. Slowly, he lifted his head, blinking in confusion.

"Are we nearly back?" he mumbled, looking out of the window. He recognised his surroundings, but they were heading further away from the mansion.

"Not yet, we are taking you to the hospital," Vinny soothed and rubbed his back.

Oliver turned with a little frown.

"You don't need to do that; I'm okay." He watched Duke and Madison, not wanting to waste their time. Yes, he was in a lot of pain, but he could manage.

"You're hurting," Vinny said and gently pressed down on Oliver's chest, making him hiss and push his hand away. "You're not okay."

Oliver sighed.

"I'll be fine. I just need some ice-"

"You're going to the hospital," Vinny spoke, trying not to sound too demanding. "Stop being so stubborn."

The human sighed in defeat.

"Fine," he mumbled, "thank you."

Vinny's parents smiled. They understood he wouldn't want to go. Their son was worried about his soulmate and his injuries, and he won't feel settled until he knew Oliver felt better.

"We're here." Jed pulled up, just outside the sliding doors, leading into Accident and Emergency. "Would you prefer me to come, or to wait here?"

"Come in with us," Duke said, knowing Madison would feel better if he was there.

Jed nodded and radioed the rest of the bodyguard crew.

Vinny put Oliver's bobble hat on him, mainly because he looked charming in it, but he also might be feeling cold. Oliver gave him a weak smile before following his family inside,

Every human stared at them. Most people in the waiting rooms had never seen the Vanderwood family in person, and the talk would rise about why they were here.

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