Chapter 34

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When Vinny could feel that he had drunk enough blood, he opened his eyes and gently pulled his fangs out of Oliver's arm. He looked up to see everyone watching and that's when reality hit him.

He looked at Oliver's wound and suddenly released his grip from his arm. He covered his mouth with his hands. He looked at his soulmate with wide and worried eyes.

"Oh God," He whispered. He just drank his blood. "What have I done?" He had done the unthinkable. He hurt his soulmate.

"Vinny, it's okay. Don't panic." Oliver took hold of his shoulders but he shuffled away.

"No, I've-I've done something terrible," He breathed. He couldn't even bring himself to look at him. It was hurting too much. "I'm so sorry." How could he do this? How could he allow himself to be so careless?

Duke had gone to get John when Vinny was still drinking his son's blood. John wasn't angry, he was full of sorrow for the vampire. He looked mortified by what he had done.

"Oliver, come on, we need to stitch up that wound," John said as he walked over and crouched next to him. He helped him to his feet, but he was wobbly and light-headed. He had just lost a lot of blood.

"But-" John silenced him before pulling him out of the room. He was still bleeding and they had to close the wound. But Oliver wanted and needed to comfort Vinny. He had to tell him that it was all okay and he shouldn't be ashamed. It wasn't his fault.

Vinny's hands were shaking while he stared at the ground.

"Scarlet, get out of this house. Now." Duke said through gritted teeth. It was clear how angry he was, even though he was trying to look calm.

Madison went over and sat next to her son on the floor. She put a gentle hand on his back to comfort him. He looked up to see her face but it was sad and she couldn't bring herself to fake anything happier.

He couldn't hold it in anymore. He was too emotional, too weak, and too vulnerable as he started to cry. He put his head in his hands and let the tears pour down his face.

Madison got a lump in her throat as she tightly put her arms around her son. He buried his head into her shoulder and his sobs became harder.

Duke sat down next to him and rubbed his back. They looked at each other, knowing how serious this was. Vinny never cries.

* * * * *

John took Oliver to the first aid room. He sat him down before rummaging through the cupboards. They didn't say anything because he could tell he was lost in his thoughts.

It was a shock to hear what had happened. John was extremely angry at Scarlet. How dare she hurt his son like this. How dare she make him feel pain. He couldn't believe she would take advantage of her brother being so helpless in that situation. What kind of person does something like that?

"Dad, I can feel his pain," Oliver mumbled quietly as John dabbed lightly at his wrist. He put his things down and took his son's hands in his.

"I know you've been together now for just under a week, but I've never seen anything like it. Your relationship is strong and I'm more than sure you can both move past this. It may hurt you to see so much sadness in Vinny and it'll take a little while for him to forgive himself. But he will because you'll give him no other option. You'll help him through this."

Everything John said was true. They would move past this because their bond was strong and unbreakable.

Oliver gave him a weak smile before he continued to stitch up his cut. But he couldn't allow himself to feel better, not when he knew how heartbroken Vinny was.

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