Chapter 19

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When Oliver and John came back into the dining room, The decision was made.

Duke and Madison watched Oliver sit next to their son. They knew the boys were very curious about this bond and they wanted to be affectionate but they're not quite sure how to express it yet.

"You can have a few days to think about it if you're still undecided?" Madison suggested.

John sat forwards. He was still finding it hard to believe that he was sitting in their mansion.

"Well, we thought about your offer and we'd love to move into your home if you're definitely sure you want us?" He smiled. It felt strange agreeing to something so big but it was also very exciting.

"Of course, this is excellent!" Duke beamed and stood up. "Would you like to come with us John and we'll discuss further plans?"


John followed Duke and Madison out of the dining-room.

When they were gone, Vinny then turned to Oliver.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" He remembered his soulmate saying that he didn't want things to change too quickly. But Oliver went over the decision thousands of times and he kept coming back to a positive choice.

"Yes, I'm sure," He smiled. He is a little nervous but it's something new and exciting. He shouldn't be so afraid of change. He looked around the dining-room before his gaze landed back on the vampire. "I'm quite excited about it." He thought about having breakfast in this amazing room, every morning.

"Me too," Vinny said before standing up. "Would you like a tour of your new home?"

* * * * *

"Okay, so down that hallway is the library?" Oliver asked, trying to gather a mental map of the mansion. They have been touring it for almost an hour now and he still has no idea where he is.

"No, That's my dad's study," Vinny watched Oliver frown.

"Oh, so the library is down that hall?"

"No," Vinny said with an amused expression. According to Oliver, the library is down every hallway.

"Where is the library?"


"Oh god, I'm going to get so lost," He chuckled.

"You'll get used to it." Vinny watched him look around once more.

"Where are we?"

"My bedroom is down there," He said and started walking in that direction. Oliver followed, he hasn't seen his bedroom yet.

As they approached another grand door, the vampire opened it and let his soulmate enter first.

The room was huge with a high ceiling and a fancy chandelier hanging effortlessly in the middle. In the centre of the back wall, there was a huge poster bed. To the left was a big window with very heavy looking curtains that were pulled back and shining in the moonlight. Vinny switched on the light as Oliver raised his eyebrows.

"I think this is bigger than my whole house put together," He said in awe. He could see an en-suite bathroom joint onto the left wall. There were bookshelves that held all sorts of random things and on the right wall, there was a walk in wardrobe.

"Welcome to your new bedroom," Vinny has seen his home in a new light since Oliver appreciates every little detail.

Oliver stared at him for longer when that process worked its way through his mind. He didn't think about sharing a bedroom now.

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