Chapter 53

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Vinny drifted from his dreams very early in the morning. He frowned and rubbed his tired eyes. A quiet and content yawn escaped his lips before peeling them open. He glanced at his watch to see that it was only five in the morning. The room was still dark; the sun had only just started to rise. The curtains on his poster bed were pulled back, and the candles had been blown out.

After the boys shared their passionate kiss last night, they laid with each other until Oliver fell asleep. Vinny had pulled back the thick curtains, making sure he could see before waking him up. After what happened the night before, it was important that Oliver recognised his surroundings.

The humans head rested gently on his chest. His arms were wrapped tightly around Vinny's waist, and the rest of him was curled up under the warm duvet.

He smiled at the feeling of the person he loves, sleeping so close. He knew Oliver would be like this. He subconsciously moves closer when he doesn't quite feel safe. Vinny understood why his soulmate would feel that way. He got taken from his own home in his sleep, so, of course, he was going to crave the vampires protective nature.

Anger was still circling in Vinny. Things seemed to kick off when Oliver became his soulmate and people decided that they could do whatever they wanted. Maybe it was because Oliver is human? That was Scarlet's excuse.

But human or not, Oliver is part of the Vanderwood family, and he should get treated with the same respect people treat them. It may take a few more weeks to settle down, but Vinny knew his parents would make that extremely clear to everyone.

* * * * *

It had just ticked quarter to seven and Oliver had not moved one single bit. Vinny was lying still with a book in his hand. He played gently with his soulmates hair while he read, but remained tender enough not to wake him.

Only a moment later, there were two gentle knocks on the door before it opened, not waiting for a response. Vinny tensed, the thought of someone intruding brought him back to the kidnapping. He relaxed when he saw his mum shutting the door behind her. He closed his book and put it on his bedside table.

Madison placed a hand on her heart at the sight of Oliver cuddling up to her son. Vinny stared blankly, knowing she was trying not show her excitement.

"Morning," she whispered and sat slowly on the bed. "You both are so sweet, lying like that."

Vinny rolled his eyes.

"Mum," he grumbled.

She ignored him. Madison loved how Vinny had that effect on Oliver. In the beginning, she felt a little sorry for whoever fell in love with her son because of his moods, grumpy attitudes, and his constant frown. But the young vampire seems even more affectionate than the human, and it surprised his parents. He didn't hesitate to express his love for his soulmate, and they were proud that he accepts his male lover so openly.

"Good morning," he then whispered, trying to distract her mind from embarrassing him further. Vinny did have a soft spot for his mother, he loved his parents but found it hard to express it, just like every other emotion.

"I thought it would be a good idea to check on you two after yesterday." She and Duke found it a little difficult to sleep last night. They worried that something else would happen. They have maximum security, and all the members of the Vampire-hate group got arrested. So really, there was nothing to stress over.

"We're fine," Vinny whispered.

"Did you sleep okay? How has Oliver been sleeping?"

"I slept fine. And as far as I'm aware, Oliver didn't wake up through the night."

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