Chapter 41

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Oliver tiredly groaned, moving over and leaning against Vinny was perfect for his groggy mind. The noise of his morning alarm was screeching through his brain. The vampire moved his book out of the way when Oliver clumsily reached over to switch off his clock. He had not even opened his eyes when he missed the button and knocked it off the bedside table.

The alarm switched off, but Oliver dropped his face back into the pillow. He did not want to work today.

Vinny put his book down, knowing that in a minute or so he'd have to wake him again.

Oliver was so tired because of yesterday's events with scarlet. Then being apart from Vinny, he kept waking up and expecting to see his sister in the room. It annoyed him, he knew fine well that she is not here and he is safe. However, he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched.

Now that morning had arrived, things felt different. There was daylight in the room and the vampire was awake to reassure him that everything was just fine. Vinny knew Oliver felt a little worried last night and it was still irritating him that Scarlet would do such a terrible thing, to her brother and his soulmate.

"Oliver, it's time to get up," He said softly and gently shook his shoulder. Oliver rolled over while attempting to open his heavy eyelids.

"Okay," He whispered. "But you're so warm, though." He moved over and curled up around his Vampire. He buried his head into his chest when he felt Vinny's arms wrap around him. He could feel the vampire's heart, beating faster against his cheek.

Vinny still gets excited when Oliver moves in so close. It is incredibly new for them both to share company that they crave so much.

"I don't want you to work today," He mumbled, watching Oliver's eyes flicker back open. He almost fell asleep again. Vinny was concerned after what happened with that guy yesterday when they crashed the car. He had not told Oliver because it would only make him worry. This isn't the first time he has been threatened with a gun, but now he has a soulmate, he was concerned about both their safety.

Maybe he could tell his dad that he was worried and Oliver could get the day off? He knew they were short on staff, due to the weather.

Sighing, it would be less stressful for his dad if his soulmate did work. He didn't mind sitting in the restaurant but today, he would be watching him like a hawk.

He looked down to see he had fallen asleep, again.

"Oliver," Vinny lightly shook him.

He let out a little groan in protest, but he knew he needed to get out of bed. He is definitely not a morning person.

"Okay, I'm awake," He mumbled and forced himself to sit up.

* * * * *

"So, you're saying Desmond just walked out because you were being difficult?" Duke asked. His son nodded while they marched down the corridor.

"Yes, now please fire him," Vinny was blunt, as usual.

"I'd love to fire him, however, we are still short on staff," He sighed and stood outside the kitchen door.

Madison greeted them and gave her son a big smile.

"If you're planning on staying in the restaurant today, then we want you to pay extra attention to Oliver. After yesterday with that man, it's not safe for him."

Vinny frowned.

"I'm in the restaurant so I can stare at him anyway. And you think I haven't thought about that already?" He muttered before turning and heading into the kitchen.

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