Chapter 62

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Vinny held his breath, studying his grandparent's expressions. Sorina was first to glance his way, then to Oliver. Her eyebrows gradually raised. She didn't attempt to hide her surprise as Jasper stared, emotionless and confused.

"You," Jasper said and pointed to Vinny, "and you," He also pointed to Oliver, "are soulmates?"

"Yes." Vinny crossed his arms with pride. He wasn't ashamed.

"My goodness." Sorina put her fingers on her lip with wonder.

"I didn't think you were attracted to men," Vinny's granddad said.

The young vampire sighed, not breaking his gaze with Jasper. "Well, I am." Vinny's heart was beating hard at the realisation, but he felt happy enough to be himself.

"You don't look like someone who would have feelings towards guys," Jasper said, and Sorina glared at him in a way that made him purse his lips. "What? Am I not allowed to say that?"

"You can't stereotyping everyone, and I am delightfully surprised by this news." She watched her grandson, the angry, dark and short-tempered vampire was in love, and he didn't care if that person was male or not.

"Are you guys affectionate with each other? Do you kiss?" Jasper asked while Oliver's eyes dimmed, disappointed with his assumption that two guys don't know how, or can't be affectionate.

"Why wouldn't we?" Vinny grumbled.

"Jasper, Vinny and this young man are in a relationship, which is the same as any other relationship. The only thing that makes it different to us is that it's two people of the same gender. Got it?"

Jasper expressed forgiving eyes. Their bond is medium, which means they can argue sometimes, but they will always resolve the tension quickly.

"Okay, that was a stupid question, so I apologise. I've never been around two males who are soulmates before, that's all. And you two are clearly the ones who my daughter is worried about, yes?"

"Yes," Duke said while stepping forwards, biting his irritated tongue. "Come and get a drink, we'll explain everything." He led them over to the table, plated with an expensive teapot and cups that if smashed, would cost more than Oliver's monthly wage to replace.

As the boys followed, Vinny felt stunned that they didn't give much of a reaction. He expected a big argument or too much excitement. Maybe it'll sink in for them? Or perhaps they don't care. Well, Sorina didn't seem too bothered.

"Okay, let me get my head around this," Jasper said, watching his daughter. "Are you accepting their relationship?"

"Of course. Vinny can't help who he fell in love with; Oliver is a lovely young man," she said with confidence.

Oliver felt his vampire wrap warm fingers around his as their hands hung side by sides.

"Good. Actually, this is great," Jasper said which shocked Madison. "Finally, someone who can put a smile on that boy's face."

Everyone chuckled as Vinny sank further into his chair. On the inside, he was relieved about his Grandfather accepting him.

"So, you're okay with it?" Sorina asked.

"I haven't lived for this long to have a closed mind when faced with new things."

Oliver was happy to hear that, for Vinny's sake. He also thought that someone who has spent years studying bonds would have come across a same-sex relationship. Maybe he just avoided them?

"Right, so tell me everything about your bond," Jasper said.

Duke started to explain that their bond was a strong one and how they have grown close over this past week. He described how Oliver and his broken ribs healed overnight.

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