Chapter 60

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"I don't know. They just don't hurt!" Oliver said and looked at his chest in the mirror. This morning, he woke up with no pain in his ribs. Oliver thought it was because he was laying down, so he sat up, and there was still no twitch of discomfort or stabbing ache when he breathed. The human had sprinted to the mirror and took off his t-shirt. To his surprise, there was not a single bruise in sight.

Vinny's frown was deeper than usual.

"This isn't possible," Oliver said, watching Vinny poke at his ribs.

"Does that hurt?" the vampire asked.

"No, they feel normal."

The boys looked at each in shock.

"What about your wrist?" Vinny started pulling off the bandage. Oliver had forgotten about that, but when the dressing was off, it revealed a scar which looked like it had been there for years.

"This isn't right," Vinny said. Oliver is still human; it isn't physically possible for him to heal this way. "Get dressed. We need to talk to my parents."

Oliver nodded. He could see why this is concerning, it couldn't be explained.

When they were both dressed, they jogged to the dining room. Duke, Madison, and John were sitting at the table when they barged through the door.

"Oliver's healed," Vinny said without giving anyone a chance to say good morning.

"What?" Duke questioned.

"His ribs, they healed."

"Seriously?" John said, sitting forwards. His son was in so much pain yesterday. He can't transition from having three broken ribs and two bruised ones to healed ones overnight.

"He's right, look!" Oliver pulled up his t-shirt to reveal a bruised free chest.

Madison and Duke glanced at each other. Vinny couldn't tell what they were thinking.

"Get your dad over here," Duke said to his wife. Madison stood up immediately and hurried over to the phone.

"Dad, what's going on?" Vinny asked, his deep frown turning into worry.

"If there's anyone who can tell us what is happening here, it's your Grandfather."

John looked around at the stressed faces.

"Is my son in danger?" he asked.

"Honestly John, I don't know. He's still human, and he shouldn't be healing like a vampire."

Vinny watched his soulmate. The regular human seemed so unique, sitting by his side. He rested an arm around his shoulders when he looked a little troubled.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." Although, they didn't know if that was true or not. Oliver knew Vinny was just trying to comfort him and he appreciated his efforts.

"I'm just glad I'm not in pain anymore," he said, sitting closer.

"Me too, I was prepared to look after you for weeks. But now I don't need to," Vinny sighed with amusement sparkling in his eyes. He was very thankful that Oliver wasn't in pain, he found it hard to hear every whimper or sharp gasp. It tore his heart apart.

"Oh. Well, in that case, I hurt a lot."

Vinny lowly chuckled, and Oliver's senses melted out of every pore.

"Nice try," he muttered before pulling him even closer.

"Okay, he's on his way," Madison said as she sat down next to her husband.

"Have you told him about Vinny's soulmate being male?" Duke asked.

"Well, I skimmed past it on the phone, and he didn't seem too bothered, but I'm not sure he listened. He was more interested in the bond."

She looked at the boys who were invested with one another, knowing something was interesting and different about their connection, but what?

"Oliver," Duke said, getting his attention, "the reason as to why we have contacted Madison's father is because he has studied every kind of bond for many years. I have faith that he will understand this situation." Duke also hoped that bringing him here wasn't a mistake. After Scarlet, he wasn't sure what family members would accept his son for loving another man.

Okay, I hope so," Oliver smiled and avoided Vinny who tried to kiss his cheek. He loved to tease him, and now that he wasn't in pain, his mood had lifted.

Duke watched Oliver blush when Vinny accidentally kissed his mouth instead.

"Don't you dare hide it," Vinny said and pulled Oliver's hands down when he tried to cover his cheek.

"Don't look at me." Oliver tried moving away, hiding his smile, but Vinny held him tight. "I'm going to challenge myself and make you blush instead." Oliver was sick of being the only one who gets flustered and embarrassed.

"Good luck." Vinny does have to hold back his blush when Oliver gets affectionate and close, but it is incredibly hard for him to be caught off guard.

"I don't need luck. I'll make you blush... somehow."

Vinny inspected his face before settling his gaze on Oliver's big and beautiful eyes.

"If you haven't made me blush by two this afternoon, then I'll take you outside and kiss you in front of all of the reporters."

Oliver raised his eyebrows. He knew kissing in front of the reporters would steer the attention away from why they were at the hospital because the public is desperate to know how they are getting on as a couple. Oliver also had hope that he would make Vinny's cheeks warm with a lovely shade of pink.


Their parents laughed at their silly challenge. It was nice to see them being so happy after the recent events.

"Right, now that my dad is coming, I'm going to inform the staff," Madison said while standing up. "You know what he can be like."

Madison's dad has lived incredibly long. He is extremely wise and full of knowledge, but also somewhat strict. He visits every five years because if you have a long lifeline, a few months seems far too close.

"Yes, and I'll tell them to tidy up a bit in here," Duke sighed, also standing up.

"Your house is spotless," John chuckled, "but is there anything I can do to help?"

As the parents walked away, Vinny stroked a seductive finger along Oliver's shoulder.

"I'm going to take a shower. Stay and eat your breakfast; I won't be too long."

"Okay, but I hope you know that the challenge has started."

Vinny flashed a mischievous smirk and stepped away.

"I'm aware," he spoke before turning and walking out of the room.

Jed was standing outside the door, so Vinny didn't worry about leaving his soulmate on his own. Also, his parents are keeping an eye on him too. Vinny knows they are cautious now about the bond and its unusual situation. It is strange. Vinny didn't know if that has ever happened before, but surely it has. Oliver can't be the only special one, can he?

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