Chapter 50

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Duke opened the front door to many news reporters and photographers. Members of the public were also crowding around, eager to listen.

"Alpha!" People shouted while he carefully walked down and onto the icy steps. "Is there any news about the Master and Oliver?" Duke stopped when more than ten microphones were staring him in the face. He was glad he had good news.

"I am incredibly pleased to announce that the boys have been found." Before he even finished his sentence, people started cheering and clapping with relief. "They are on their way home and should be back very soon." Duke stared at the positive reaction.

"Alpha, was it a kidnapping? Are they injured?"

"I can confirm that they were kidnapped. But they are not injured." Duke scanned the faces with his wise eyes. Gossip raised as worried expressions were shared through the crowd. "If anyone has any information about it, please do not hesitate to come forward. Thank you." He flashed a polite smile before ignoring more questions and walking back inside the warm mansion. He didn't like talking to the paparazzi, but he was glad they could start broadcasting happier news.

* * * * *

As Jed approached the mansion, there were hundreds of people outside. He had to slow the car right down just to get through the street. He decided it would be a lot safer to go through the back entrance. There wasn't enough security to control the public. He didn't want to expose the boys to more danger.

As he radioed his request, the gate immediately opened. People parted to let the car through, knowing it was Oliver and Vinny. They were polite enough to understand that they need to get home, after what they have gone through.

Jed drove down the side of the mansion before stopping outside a door.

"Right boys, you're home," He turned with a grin but they were both fast asleep. Their heads were leaning against each other's as Vinny's arm was still wrapped around Oliver's waste. Their hands were tightly intertwined.

Jed smiled at their cute nature. He loved how perfect Oliver is for someone like the Master. He puts up with his moods, he accepts his high status and understands his dry sense of humour. They can both be stubborn and very sarcastic. They click together, and it's quite exciting to see that happen to someone who he has only seen angry.

Jed got out of the car and walked around to the vampires side. He opened the door before tapping lightly on his shoulder. Vinny woke almost immediately. He instantly pulled Oliver into him, waking him up too.

"Don't panic, you're both safe. You're home now." Jed watched Vinny's protective manor die down when he recognised his surroundings. He would react the same if he had been kidnapped.

Oliver rubbed his eyes and pulled himself away from his soulmate so they could get out of the car. The cold hit him like tiny sharp needles, piercing his skin.

Jed quickly walked with them to the back doors.

"Thank you," Oliver said with appreciation. Things could have taken a turn for the worst if it wasn't for Jed, being so good and so dedicated to his job.

"Yes, thank you." Vinny gave him a little nod. Jed knew how much it took for Vinny to say that so he nodded back and opened the door.

"You're very welcome boys." He watched them step in and immediately be engulfed by their parents. He shut the door behind them with a proud smile. He now felt like his duty was done.

Vinny got a shock when his mum suddenly wrapped her arms around him. Oliver was also pulled into an extremely tight hug by his dad.

Duke joined Madison with hugging their son. They were so happy to see him and to see that he was safe.

"My boy, we have missed you so much!" Madison muffled into his chest. Vinny put his arms around her when Duke pulled back.

"I missed you too," He mumbled, but it brightened their eyes. It was hard for Vinny to physically and verbally show his affection. He did miss his parents and he did like hugging them every so often, especially when they needed it.

"I was so worried about you." John felt Oliver hug him tighter. "I'm so glad you're okay."

Oliver was incredibly thankful for his dad. He needed and wanted his comfort. He watched as passing staff stopped to smile at them. They looked pleased and relieved that they had returned home. It was strange for Oliver to be missed by so many people.

When John pulled away, Duke then pulled him into a hug. Oliver was a little surprised, yet he took it. It was rare for Duke to be so forward with anyone other than his family. Oliver was starting to feel like a member of the Vanderwood's, more and more each day.

"Oliver, I'm so pleased you're okay," He said and patted his back. He pulled away to give him a warm smile. "Thank you, I know you would have looked after my son, just as much as he looked after you."

Oliver didn't get a chance to say anything because Madison pulled him into a hug too.

"I missed you," She beamed. "you are like a second son, I was worried out of my mind."

This instantly brought Oliver's thoughts to his kidnapper. His Mother. And Vinny could tell. He thought it would be best for Oliver to tell his dad what had happened in private. It would be hard news to deal with.

Just as Madison pulled away, John went over and pulled Vinny into a tight hug.

The vampire didn't remember the last time he was hugged by anyone other than his parents. Oliver doesn't count, they have to hug to get through the day. But this felt odd and maybe even a little awkward for him.

When Vinny didn't hug back, Oliver cleared his throat.

"Hug him," He mouthed, making Duke and Madison chuckle. But they were surprised that Vinny did what he said and lifted a hand to pat John on the back.

Vinny didn't take his gaze away from his soulmate. He loved how he lost all authority and power around him. Oliver could tell him to do anything and he would do it. Vinny knew that if anyone could ever get him to change his mind about anything, it would be Oliver.

John pulled back and put a hand on Vinny's shoulder.

The young vampire could see the gratitude on his face and he knew the human was extremely thankful that his son was returned safely home.

"I know," Vinny said, so John didn't have to pour his emotions onto him. John nodded before stepping away. He was out of words. His emotions were strong and he could do nothing but be grateful to have them back. He was also grateful that Vinny understood he didn't want to get emotional, he needed to look strong for his son.

Oliver then stepped closer to Vinny with questioning eyes. He pulled him a couple of steps away so his dad didn't hear.

"Is it okay if I go off with my dad and tell him what happened?"

"Of course, it is. I understand. Is it okay if I talk to my parents about who was there?"

"Yeah, that's fine," Oliver was now feeling a little nervous. Did his dad know his mum was more than borderline crazy? How would he react when he finds out that she was responsible for putting him through so much stress and worry? Will he be angry?

Vinny leant closer and kissed his forehead. Their parents felt their chests fill up with warmth. They loved how sweet and cute the boys are towards each other.

"Don't be anxious, your dad will listen. You're not hurting him by telling him, he needs to know."

Oliver felt a flush of excitement from his little affectionate move, but Vinny was right.

"Okay, he needs to know," Oliver repeated, making the words sink in. He turned to his dad and asked if they could talk.

Vinny observed him until he was gone, but he was pulled from his gaze when Madison flung her arms around him again.

"I understand that you were worried but this is pushing it," He groaned and didn't hug back. Madison smiled when Duke joined the hug. They heard a low protesting grumble, yet that only made them hug tighter.

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