Chapter 64

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Tears streamed down Oliver's face as he gasped for air. He could barely breathe because of laughing so hard. Vinny pinned him to the bedroom floor and tickled him like it was a sport. The vampire did tell Oliver that he would get him back for making him blush in front of his parents. He didn't realise that Oliver was as ticklish as him.

"Please!" Oliver begged, bursting into more uncontrollable laughter. Vinny couldn't help it; there was nothing better than the sound of his soulmates laugh. Oliver tried grabbing his hands, but gave up and curled into a ball. "I'm... sorry!" he breathed. "Please!" Fresh tears fell down his cheeks, and the vampire could tell he had enough.

"I didn't hear you," he grinned, pushing down on his shoulders so he couldn't get up.

Oliver was very out of breath, so he took a moment to compose himself, wiping his eyes.

"I'm sorry, you lunatic." He then pushed Vinny away so he could sit up.

"Nicely please."

"Uh, my stomach," Oliver climbed to his feet and face planted the bed. Vinny dropped himself on top of Oliver and the human groaned. "Get off!"


Oliver gave up very quickly. He had no effort left in him.

Vinny moved his hand to Oliver's waist, tickling him again. Oliver squirmed and turned around, pushing him away and climbing up the bed.

"Don't you dare!" he chuckled.

Vinny sat back on his elbows and connected his fingers together. They both felt affection, but before they could do anything about it, the door opened and Duke walked in.

Vinny sat up with a glare.

"Haven't you heard of knocking?" he muttered.

"Yes I have heard of knocking, but it's not like you were doing anything I wouldn't want to walk in on," Duke said.

"Knock next time."

Duke smiled and crossed his arms.

"Your grandparents want you both down for lunch."

Vinny sighed. He hated anything that involved socialising with anyone other than Oliver. He looked over at his soulmate who had a twinkle in his eye. At least Oliver will do all the talking.

Vinny moved down to the end of the bed and quickly pushed Oliver off. His soulmate hit the floor with a thud.

"Are you done yet?" Oliver sighed.

Vinny thought for a moment. "Yes, I am."

"Thank god." Oliver stood up with a frown. "Now give me a damn hug."

"No. You hug me."

The human crossed his arms, and Vinny loved his stubborn side.

"You almost tickled me to death, then almost suffocated me, and now you pushed me off the bed. The nerve of some people."

Duke leaned against the door frame with a smile, letting them get on with it.

"I think you deserved it," Vinny said blankly.

"Well fine, no hugs for you." Oliver started walking past him, but the vampire grabbed him and pulled Oliver into his chest.

The human felt sparks through his body as Vinny wrapped his arms around his soulmate, moving his face closer until their noses touched.

"Hug me."

Oliver couldn't resist him; they both felt the affection rising. So he coiled his arms around him too and squeezed him tight.

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