Chapter 40

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As the car sped down busy streets, the Vanderwood's watched with panic and horror. Vinny was desperate to get back to Oliver but he didn't want to risk his parent's safety.

The mansion was finally coming into view after fifteen minutes past their limit and Vinny was losing his mind. He needed to see Oliver's face and he needed to feel his strong arms wrapped around him.

When they approached the gates, a car suddenly pulled out in front of them. Jed slammed on the breaks and prayed that the ice wouldn't cause them to fail.

Every passenger was lunged forwards.

Vinny's belt failed and he was thrown into the back of the driver's seat. His head slammed hard against it as his mum screamed his name. It sounded muffled and distant while his head filled with a static high pitched shriek. However, he was okay.

The car slowed down but it still made contact with the other one. Vinny covered his head from any impact when they crashed. Thankfully Jed had reacted very quickly and saved them from what could have been potentially life threatening.

When the car finally came to a halt, Vinny checked that he wasn't seriously hurt before getting up and sitting on the edge of his seat.

"My son, are you okay!?" Madison cupped his face in her hands.

"I'm fine, are you two okay?" He asked while rubbing his neck.

"We're okay Vinny," Duke smiled as Jed turned around.

"We have company," He said quickly, just as the door on Vinny's side opened.

They looked up, only to be greeted by a gun pointing in the master face. He didn't move a muscle while his gaze wandered up to a man in a white mask.

He was the one who had pulled out in front of the Vanderwood car on purpose. Duke looked slyly around, noticing this guy was on his own.

"Get out of the car!" He yelled and pushed the gun against Vinny's head. However, he didn't move, he simply glared at the man. He could see the gun shaking showing that he was incredibly nervous.

"What do you want?" Duke asked calmly. He wanted to leap in front of Vinny and protect his son but he was too far away.

The man ignored Duke when he realised Vinny wasn't going to do as he said, so he changed his motives.

"You, get out the car!" The guy yelled again but pointed the gun at Madison. She gasped as Duke moved in front of her.

That was enough to push all of Vinny's buttons. He was frustrated and full of heartache from being away from his soulmate, and now someone just threatened his parents.

Nobody threatens his parents.

Suddenly, he reached for the gun and slammed it to the ground while grabbing the guys head and smashing it hard against the side of the door. He lifted his foot and kicked him in the chest. He felt a crack in the man's ribs before he fell out of the car and landed heavily on the road.

He watched, making sure he was definitely unconscious before straightening his waistcoat.

"Humans," He grumbled and turned to his parents with a blank expression. "I'm going to see Oliver now."

They gawped at their son but what else did they expect from him? Vinny is a protective person and will always put his life in danger to protect the ones he loves.

Duke cleared his throat and looked at Jed.

"Can you make sure the police arrest this guy?" He asked while opening the door.

"Sure, I don't think he'll be getting away anytime soon." Jed glanced at Vinny with amused eyes. The vampire returned the expression before following his parents out of the car. All he could think about was his soulmate.

As they walked quickly up the street, the public stopped to take pictures and point. Vinny just needed to get to his soulmate, he had been away from him for too long. His chest was almost throbbing from the pulling sensation. His head felt lonely and weak without him.

As he ran up the steps, he was careful not to slip on ice and made sure his parents were behind him. Yes, they did just get threatened with a gun but he'd let that sink in later.

As he rang the doorbell, it opened almost immediately. Vinny didn't have time to say thanks to Charles as he stepped in.

Oliver looked up. Their chest's instantly filled with emotions, telling one another that they were close.

As soon as Vinny saw his soulmate, he ran straight up to him and pulled him into a tight embrace. They wrapped their arms around each other, wanting and needing to be extremely close.

Vinny pushed his face into the side of Oliver's cheek as he buried his face into the side of his neck. They breathed in their familiar scent as love spread through their veins. It felt like their connection pulled them together and strengthened their souls.

Vinny tightened his grip around his back and planted a kiss on his cheek. He could feel Oliver's breath of relief against his neck and it sent sparks of affection through his body.

Oliver had never missed someone this much in his life. But now that they were back together, he has never felt love like it.

They pulled their heads back at the same time to connect their lips. They didn't care who saw, they had to share this moment and stay this close until the bond had calmed down.

They kissed delicately and their chests were pushed against each other. Their thoughts fogged and their hearts flustered. They could feel any tugging sensations returning to normal as they pulled each other back into a strong hug.

"I missed you so much," Oliver whispered and opened his eyes to see that his dad had now made an appearance. He snuggled his face deeper into Vinny's shoulder when he felt him run a hand through his hair.

"I missed you too," The vampire spoke in his wonderful deep voice. "I'm sorry we took so long."

"It's okay, you're here now."

To their parents and any passersby, seeing them so close and so in love would cure anyone's sadness. It was gentle to their eyes and they could almost see the boys bond radiating around them.

It was unusual for staff to see the Master being so nice and affectionate with someone, especially a human.

When they pulled away, Vinny took this opportunity to stare into Oliver's big green eyes as his body finally relaxed.

He thought Oliver was incredibly good looking. He did feel that way when they first connected their bond but he refused to accept it, until now. He never imagined he'd be attracted to a guy yet here he is, taking in his beauty.

"Did you feel the same as I felt?" Oliver asked. He loved when Vinny stared at him like that.

"Yes," Vinny leant closer, just because he could.

"Is this what happens when we're apart for too long?"

"Yes, and I never want to feel it again." Oliver nodded, he totally agreed. It was awful, unbearable and too overpowering for their hearts. "I'm sorry today has been such a crazy day but I'm spending the rest of it with you, and only you."

Oliver's heart almost deflated from Vinny's charm. He was so happy to hear that.

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