Chapter 30

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The next day, Scarlet didn't talk to John, Oliver or Vinny. She spoke with her parents like normal but they still needed to have a chat with her. They thought she would settle into the idea of Vinny having a human male for a soulmate overnight. However, clearly, she didn't.

It was now the afternoon and Vinny was sitting next to the bar in the restaurant. He promised Oliver that the next time he worked, he would keep an eye on him.

Oliver really struggled to get up this morning. They both stayed awake late into the night, talking about anything and everything. Vinny loved that about his soulmate. He loved that he could just talk to him and be himself. He hasn't felt that way in such a long time and it was really refreshing and nice.

So Oliver was tired and the vampire had to wake him several times before he was late. Not that he would get into trouble, But Oliver just didn't feel that he should take advantage now that he was the Master's soulmate. He still wanted to work hard and prove himself.

Vinny crossed his arms and glared at the customers. As always, him being around was the centre of attention while they looked between him and Oliver. He was at a table, trying to take orders but all he was getting was question after question. It has been like this for most of the morning.

It was becoming extremely hard for Vinny to sit in a room full of humans when his annual blood day is tomorrow. But he had to be strong, for his soulmates sake.

"So what are the Vanderwood's like in person?" A woman asked as she smiled at Oliver. She was being nice to him and seemed genuinely interested.

"They're very lovely people." He returned the smile.

"I always wondered what they were like. And the Master, is he really as angry as he looks?" She grinned. Oliver turned to see him, looking incredibly moody.

"Not with me. But I can't say the same for anyone else." They both chuckled.

"You're lucky you know. He's a very handsome young man."

Oliver liked this woman. She was the first one who wasn't rude to him.

"He his, isn't he," He turned back to Vinny who was watching him. He softened his expression when they made eye contact.

"Gosh, you two are so sweet," She hummed before telling Oliver what she would like to order. It is people like this woman who he wished the world was full of. Why do people feel that their bad opinions need to be said? Do they get a kick out of making a person feel down about themselves? He didn't know, but this woman has made his afternoon a lot happier.

As he walked towards the kitchen, he stopped next to the vampire.

"When is your lunch break?" He asked.

"Soon, I think. I'll have to ask Desmond," Oliver shrugged and fastened up his top button again.

"I still need to talk to my dad about him," Vinny muttered.

"He hasn't been too bad today, but it's only lunchtime. There's plenty of time yet."

"I hate him."

Oliver just shook his head.

"You know Vinny, I really love that smile," He said sarcastically, making him roll his eyes.

"I would probably look a lot happier if I wasn't surrounded by people."

"You don't have to stay here. I don't mind if you want to go." Oliver stepped closer with a heavy beating heart. He didn't want him to leave but it wasn't better to make him stay if he was grumpy about it. But Vinny shook his head to say no.

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