Chapter 10

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Vinny's parents stared at their son.

"What do you mean?" Duke asked with a frown of confusion. Vinny only just remembered to breathe as he looked down to the ground in shame. He found it hard enough to say those three words, let alone explain himself.

"Son?" Madison questioned, making him look back up.

He was nervous beyond belief but he couldn't go back on his words. He knew they had to know, it wasn't fair to keep them in the dark about this.

"My soulmate..." He stopped and took a breath to calm himself further. "Is male."

His whole body was screaming at him to run away. But he had to face them. Saying it out loud made him realise just how real this was. He is in love with a guy and admitting it to his parents.

But nothing was said between them. His mum and dad were trying to process this. They looked at each other with expressions Vinny couldn't quite read. It was almost like they were confirming it with each other that they heard him correctly.

His heart was thumping so hard in his chest, he was sure they could hear it. His face was burning with the intensity of his emotions and he was trying hard to keep himself together. He wouldn't let them see how heartbroken he would be if they were to reject him.

Duke was first to step forwards. His expression was still unreadable but to Vinny's surprise, he rested a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"How strong is it?" He asked.

Vinny was taken back. Why wasn't he shouting or looking upset? He now felt like they definitely didn't understand.

"My soulmate is another man dad. Did you not hear me?" Vinny now looked a little distressed. Why were they not freaking out like he did? He was sure they would be disappointed in him, it was hard for him to believe that they might actually be okay with this.

"Yes, I heard you. But how strong is it?" Duke asked again. Vinny's gaze swapped between his parents. He frowned but eventually realised that his dad was waiting for an answer.

"Strong," He mumbled quietly. He almost felt embarrassed.

"And when did you find out that this person was your soulmate?" Duke was in fact very, very surprised to hear this and he could tell how hard it was for his son to get his head around it. Therefore, he needed to act calm and relaxed so he knew they were there for him.

"Last night," Vinny remembered when all those new feelings came to him so suddenly.

"Have you connected the bond with him?" Madison asked. She was also exceptionally surprised. If it was anyone else, she probably wouldn't be. But her son always looked towards females when he pictured his soulmate and he never ever showed the slightest bit of interest in guys. She understood that this was a shock for him too.

Vinny shook his head to say no.

His parents looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"You found out who your soulmate was last night, but you haven't connected yet?" Duke asked.

Vinny nodded.

"How have you managed this long without connecting a strong bond?"

They know how hard it must be for him right now. That awful pulling sensation on his chest from being far apart and the constant longing to just hold that person must be pumping through his veins.

"It's killing me," Vinny whispered and bit the inside of his lip.

"Son, you need to connect your bond," Duke now looked rather excited.

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