Chapter 49

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Vinny glanced at his posh watch, ticking away on his wrist. They had been on the road for almost an hour and a half, sitting in an uncomfortable police car. He started to see signs for their city not that long ago. He couldn't wait to get home and be surrounded by the comforts of the mansion.

The two police officers sitting in the front seats didn't talk much. But the officer in the passenger seat caught his attention. He would watch them when he thought the vampire wasn't looking and he seemed very mysterious and a little out of place.

Oliver then lifted his head from his soulmates shoulder, not wanting to drift asleep again.

"Are we nearly back yet?" He asked while rubbing his eyes. He had been floating in and out of sleep since they set off and if anything, it made him more tired as he craved a warm bed.

"I think we still have about forty minutes left." Vinny watched him settle back into his side. He looked exhausted and very worn out.

"Okay," He mumbled and stretched his stiff bones, feeling the cold leather seat against his back. "I can't wait to get home."

"Me too," Vinny smiled, watching his big, green eyes.

"It's strange how I've only been living in your house for about a week and it already feels like home," Oliver watched the vampire in return. He loved how he stares at him with the love oozing from his expression.

"Yes, the mansion would feel very different without you and John now." Vinny pulled him closer, noticing that the officer was watching them in the mirror.

"It must be weird, though, having extra people living there."

"Not when that extra person is you."

Oliver couldn't help but grin, and to avoid Vinny seeing his blush, he rested his head against his shoulder once again.

"You can't hide it from me," He whispered and ran a hand through the back of his hair. Oliver chuckled and covered his face, burying himself further into his Vampire.

Vinny was satisfied after making Oliver laugh. It was a nice feeling to know that whatever happens, they can still make each other happy.

His brown chocolate eyes moved to the window as he stared out and towards the horizon. No music was playing in the car and the silence was not quite as comfortable as he would like.

Suddenly, a car sped past theirs, screeching with its tires and revving its engine.

Vinny narrowed his eyes when it looked very familiar to one of the Vanderwood's cars. The officer had no choice but to slam on his breaks when the car slowed down right in front of them. They both came to a screeching halt, making Oliver's heart almost jump out of his chest.

The person in front opened their car door while Vinny and Oliver watched with concern. Was this their kidnapper? Have they been followed? But Vinny instantly felt himself relax when he recognised the driver.

It was Jed.

However, he was carrying a weapon.

"Don't worry Oliver, he works for my parents," Vinny said quietly when he saw the panic rising in his eyes. How did he find them? Why was he here now and why was he armed?

"You, get out the car!" Jed yelled sternly. He was pointing his gun at the officer in the passenger seat. His eyes were focused and alert.

Obviously, the officer driving told the boys to stay calm as the other one did what Jed asked and opened the door. But he rested a hand on his own gun.

"Officer, you have a double agent working in the police field." Jed kept his gaze on the guy, he couldn't afford to miss anything.

"What?" He asked and also climbed out of the car. "What are you talking about? Who are you? And put down your weapon!"

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