Chapter 32

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"I can't describe how angry and disappointed I am with you," Duke said as he paced the dining room. Madison stood with her arms crossed and stared at Scarlet who was sitting next to Kyran at the table and sulking. "You're supposed to be an adult!"

"In her defence-"

"Shut up Kyran." He has done nothing. He hasn't even questioned scarlet about why she did what she did. Which means he didn't care, or he already knew what she was planning.

"Dad!" Scarlet yelled but Madison stepped forwards.

"Do you not realise how ill poor Oliver is up there?"

After his bath, he was sick a few times and now had a raging temperature. He was full of cold and was still shaking.

"He'll get over it," Scarlet mumbled and sank into her chair.

"I can't believe you," Duke said in disbelief. "You don't realise how serious this is. You put Vinny's soulmates life in danger and you don't even care? How could you do that to a person?" They couldn't understand why she had no empathy.

"I'm trying to show you all that humans don't belong in Vampire families," She sat forwards again.

"Why? It's not like Vinny chose who he fell in love with but it shouldn't matter. Oliver is a lovely person." Madison tried fighting back her tears. She didn't raise her child to become a nasty and manipulative vampire.

"And the stress you caused your brother, how could you do that to him?" Duke went over to comfort his wife.

"Look, it was a joke that went too far, I get it," She linked arms with Kyran and flicked her silky hair over her shoulder.

"Damn right it went too far," Duke said and stared hard at his daughter. "You're going home first thing tomorrow." His voice was low before they walked towards the door.

"Seriously? You're making me go instead of that human?"

"He has done nothing other than have a positive impact on Vinny's life. But you've not even been back for two days and you've already caused them both chaos. So yes, you're leaving." They both continued their journey out of the dining room, not wanting to even look at her.

* * * * *

Oliver was sitting with a big hoody on and the duvet pulled up to his chest. His head was throbbing from shaking so much. He was much warmer now but still full of cold.

Being trapped outside was awful. He was worried that they'd take too long to find him but Vinny would not have stopped until they did.

He closed his eyes and leant his head back against the pillow. The vampire was studying him. He just couldn't believe this happened. How could his own sister be so cruel? He hoped he didn't see her until she left, God help her if he did.

Just then, Madison and Duke came into the bedroom. They had a cup of tea and some pain relief tablets. Vampires don't get ill very often, yet it's useful to have these things in the mansion now that Oliver and John are living here.

"Oliver?" Vinny said kindly, making him open his eyes. He softly ran his finger's through his soulmate's hair and gave him a warm smile. Oliver loved it when he did that. He loved seeing Vinny smile properly. it completely brightens up his face and makes his eyes sparkle.

He looked up as Duke and Madison came over and sat next to him on the bed.

"How are you feeling?" He asked kindly. He was embarrassed that his daughter was responsible for causing him so much pain and worry.

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