Chapter 18

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"Are you okay?" Vinny asked quietly to Oliver. They were sitting next to each other on the big leather couches. His parents and Oliver's dad were talking at the other end of the big dining-room.

Duke had taken them straight to the mansion after the outburst from the paparazzi.

"yeah, um... are you?" He asked.


They both glanced at each other.

Nobody could believe the paparazzi would go that far. Vinny's parents were furious. Why did they feel like they could do that to their son? They would never even dare to do that before. Just because it was big news doesn't mean they can treat him like he's another pop star human.

Oliver twiddled his thumbs. He was wondering if it would always be like that whenever he went home. How did they find out where he lived? He couldn't believe how quickly things got out of hand. It worried him that reporters could get into his house so quickly.

Vinny smoothly put his arm on the back of the couch so it was behind his soulmate. They were already sitting quite close. They have somewhat gotten used to each others company and the vampire couldn't help but shuffle closer.

He stopped when he came into contact with Oliver's side. He was warm and comfortable. He wanted to be much closer while his scent filled him with so much pleasure.

Oliver could only concentrate on Vinny. He was sitting so close. He just wanted to cuddle into his body completely and it was hard holding back his feelings. But he wasn't used to this yet.

"Are you working tomorrow?" Vinny asked.

"No, I have the weekend off." Oliver looked up to see that Vinny's face was close. There was something about his presence that was just so addicting. Was it his dominance? his power? His attraction?

He remembered that he wouldn't have to set his alarm clock for the morning. He was still tired from yesterday's chaos. But today wasn't much better. He was not only physically tired, he was starting to feel it emotionally too.

Vinny felt excited about that. It meant he had the whole weekend to be with his soulmate. He wasn't worried that Oliver wouldn't want to be with him, he knew he was feeling the same way.

He watched Oliver's cheeks go a little pink. He was quite close, but for some reason, he has almost accepted that his lover is a male and he does like having these feelings towards him. That's mainly because he doesn't have a choice but to accept it.

Just then, his parents and John walked over.

They sat on the opposite couch and watched the boys. It was unusual for Duke and Madison to see their son sitting so close with another guy but they were happy to see that their feelings were already developing. John was just happy to be sitting in the Vanderwood dining room.

"So, we will arrange a gathering at the council hall with any news reporters, photographers and journalists. Madison and I will make sure they are aware that it was absolutely unacceptable for them to do that to you all. They will lose their jobs if they test their luck like that again. There was a line they crossed when they barged into your home Oliver, and I'm not taking this situation lightly," Duke said. There was still glimpses of irritation on his face. He hated it when people forget who's in charge. But he also knows after their meeting, they will definitely be reminded of who is still the dominant race. 

Oliver nodded to show he understood and agreed. It was quite frightening to have that many people in his face and forcing him to speak. He was surprised by how useless he felt. He didn't have the courage like Vinny to push through them all and tell them to leave him alone.

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