Chapter 48

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When the boys approached the train station, their motto was to trust nobody. They didn't know who could be after them and it wasn't just Oliver's mum who took part in their kidnapping. She could not single-handedly kidnap them. But maybe, she was the leader of that group?

"My dad will be losing his mind," Oliver muttered and stopped outside the big automatic doors. People were still glancing at Vinny, knowing he was a vampire. Seeing one with a human was odd, especially when they were holding hands.

Vinny looked down to see that the madness of this situation was starting to eat away at him. But at least they had each other.

"We'll get home," Vinny soother and put his hands on Oliver's shoulders to squeeze the comfort into his uncertain heart.

Oliver chewed the inside of his lip and cherished his touch. Being part of the Vanderwood family definitely, comes with its challenges.

"Vinny! There's police over there!" The human suddenly burst with an idea as a sparkle of hope twinkled in his eye. "We can tell them who you are and what has happened. Your parents would have got in touch with the police and maybe they're looking for you here?"

The vampire turned to watch three members of the police, standing next to a car.

"Oliver, that is a brilliant idea." He took off his jacket and gave it to his soulmate when he started to shiver. However, Vinny now definitely looked like a Vampire. Of course, he didn't care and took his hand.

Quickly, they walked through the car park and towards the police who spotted them immediately. One stood up straight and looked at a picture he had in his hand.

"Excuse me," Vinny's deep and powerful voice caught their instant attention. "We need your help."

The other woman looked at the photo and back to the vampire.

"It's him! that's the Master, Vinny Vanderwood!" She beamed, confirming it to the others. "And that's Oliver Turner, his soulmate."

They all widened their eyes.

"Boys, we have been looking for you two all morning. There was a report about a kidnapping."

"Yes, we were kidnapped. We were held in an abandoned house down Clifford street. I think the number was fifty-three."

One officer quickly wrote down Vinny's words who had spotted the house number and the street name before they ran. He knew the police would need the information.

"Okay, are any of you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"No, we're fine. Can I call my parents?" Vinny questioned as the officer stood to the side, radioing the police station.

The other guy pulled out his phone and gave it to the teen vampire.

Oliver's mind wandered back to his unconscious mum, but he got pulled out of his thoughts when Vinny rested a gentle hand on his shoulder. The phone started ringing and within seconds, someone picked up.

"Hello?" A worried voice asked. Madison was on the other end.


"Vinny!? Oh my God, Vinny!" She shouted and muffled voices talked loudly in the background.

"Mum, listen- listen to me," Vinny heard her telling his dad who it was. "Mum, Oliver and I are fine. Tell that to John. We're with the police and we'll be coming home soon."

"Vinny, I'm so happy to hear your voice."

Vinny could tell she was crying.

"Would you like to speak to your dad?" He asked Oliver who nodded quickly.

"Mum put John on the phone." He waited until he heard John's voice before passing it to Oliver.

"Dad?" He immediately heard a big sigh of relief.

"Oh Oliver, I'm so happy you're safe. Are you hurt?" His voice croaked, exposing his emotion.

"No I'm fine, we're fine. Dad, don't worry, we'll be on our way home soon." Oliver could hear Madison in the background.

"Are you with anyone? Where are you?"

"We're both with the police. I don't know where we are." Oliver looked down to his feet. He felt so relieved that he was finally safe and could put his family's worries to rest.

"Okay, I can't wait to see you. I think Duke wants to speak to Vinny. I'll see you soon, love you, Ollie," John said as a little tear of joy escaped his eye.

"Love you too dad." The phone was then passed back to the vampire. "It's your dad."

"Son?" Duke questioned.

"Hey dad," Vinny spoke before taking Oliver's hand. He looked a little exhausted.

"Vinny, I knew you'd keep each other safe. I'm so happy you're both alright." Duke was incredibly relieved. "Are you on your way home? How far away are you?"

"We don't know where we are. But we'll be on our way home very soon." Vinny had spoken to the police officer. He asked if the boys could come into the police station and give a statement, but Vinny was adamant that they needed to get back to the mansion.

"Okay son, I'll see you soon. We love you." Duke's voice allowed warmth to run through his son's chest.

"Alright, love you both," He mumbled before hanging up. He was only verbally affectionate to Oliver. But under the circumstances, he had to say it, it only felt right.

Oliver smiled while his soulmate cleared his throat.

"You heard nothing."

Oliver chuckled and intertwined their fingers. It was nice for them both to feel back to normal, even if it was just for a brief moment.

"Right, let's get you home." An officer opened the car door with a warm smile.

When their belts were on and the engine was running, they both felt their minds calm down.

"How far away are we?" Oliver asked and stared at the passenger seat in front of him. There were a few dirty footprints from obvious villains who had been arrested.

"A few hours, so just sit back and relax. You can sleep if you need to." The man smiled before reversing out of the car park.

Vinny put his arm around Oliver's shoulder's and leaned into his side. Oliver rested his head on the side of Vinny's neck, coiling his arms around his waist.

The vampire found comfort in the scent of his soulmates hair. Their tired bodies melted into each other as the human closed his eyes.

"What a crazy week," He mumbled.

"I know," Vinny watched the road ahead. "Try and get some sleep."

Oliver was feeling pretty tired and a little achy. He didn't know if it was emotional or physical. But he did know that he was dreading telling his dad who his kidnapper was.

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