Chapter 37

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"I don't believe that you've never been a difficult customer before," Oliver chuckled as he spotted Desmond coming over from the kitchen.

Vinny gave him a sly smile, as they watched him slowly approach the table.

"Hello Master, how are you this afternoon?" He asked cheerfully. Oliver could see he was trying to get in the vampires good books. It also annoyed him that Desmond completely ignored him.

Vinny didn't answer. Instead, he gave him the menu.

"Can you read out every drink you sell please?"

Desmond sighed and opened it. Oliver could see Vinny glaring at him and he knew it was making him very nervous. As Desmond started speaking, He zoned out. He looked around the room to see people staring so he smiled at a few of them, clearly making their day.

Fame is a strange thing. It was still extremely odd to have all these people talking about him and wanting to get his attention.

He then felt Vinny's arm move around his shoulder.

"What would you like to drink?"

"Oh um, just some water please," Oliver looked up to Desmond who turned and slumped back to the kitchen. "Are you going to make him read out all the food too?"

Vinny looked like he was seriously considering it.

"Maybe." He took Oliver's hand and watched it for a while as he caught a glimpse of his bandage, underneath his sleeve. "I think you should get your dressing changed after lunch."

"Oh, yeah," He saw that the blood had seeped through and reached down to pull his sleeve back over it. Vinny was still incredibly hard on himself for what he had done but Oliver made him agree that they would no longer talk about it. It was only upsetting Vinny more.

A few moments went by before Desmond walked over with the drinks.

"Oh, actually I changed my mind. Can I have the same as Oliver please?" Vinny asked with his famous glare. Oliver could see Desmond chewing the inside of his lip as he picked up the drink and turned away. Vinny saw his soulmate shaking his shaking his head. "Am I being difficult yet?"

"I think you could be worse."

"Oh really?"

Oliver grinned and bravely intertwined their fingers. Vinny loved that feeling.

"So uh, what did your dad want?" He ignored a group of teenagers who just spotted them, sitting in the corner.

"He was just wondering how we are, after... you know," Vinny trailed off as Oliver nodded, showing he understood.

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him that I still hated myself. But we're strong and getting past this," He said truthfully. Oliver couldn't stand to hear that he hated himself over something he couldn't control. But he knew he would feel this way for a while.

"We are getting past it because I'm giving you no other choice." He expressed a comforting smile.

Vinny's eyes immediately soften.

Just then, someone sat down in their booth. They both looked up to see a woman who looked about the same age with bleach blond hair that was pulled up into a high ponytail. She had heavy makeup and wore a fitted jumper with fur around the neckline.

"Hi Oliver," She smiled.

"Hello," He returned the smile but had no idea who she was.

Her gaze then wondered to Vinny who was, of course, glaring at her. But she ignored him and started playing with her hair.

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