Chapter 14

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It has been almost an hour and a half since Duke and Madison informed the public about Vinny's soulmate. It has also been an hour since the restaurant opened.

The news spread quickly around the customers because a lot of the staff told them about Oliver if they asked about the Master and last night's events. So far, it has been quite hard for Oliver to do his job. People keep trying to talk to him about it and take pictures. He also felt a little uncomfortable, most of the room was either looking at him or talking about him.

The paparazzi have tried three times to enter the restaurant and swarm Oliver with questions and stick microphones in his face.

He is definitely not used to being the centre of attention.

He hasn't seen Vinny for almost an hour and a half, he was starting to struggle a little bit. He couldn't wait to see him but it was such a strange feeling missing someone he barely even knows.

As Oliver entered the kitchen with dirty dishes, his eyes immediately found Vinny standing patiently next to the door. He was feeling like Oliver. They both wanted to be near each other all the time but it was hard when things are only just starting to develop into their everyday lives.

The vampire watched as his soulmate started walking up to him.

"Oliver, where are you going? It's busy in there and we need your help," Desmond shouted. He hadn't noticed the Master standing behind him.

"I won't be long, I'm just going to see Vinny." He saw the shock on his face from calling him by his actual name.

"Well, you can't. Get back in the restaurant," He huffed and crossed his arms. At this point, Vinny's glare was burning holes into the back of Desmond's head. He looked incredibly angry.

Oliver looked at him for help. He didn't want to ignore Desmond but he really needed to talk to the vampire.

Vinny stood up straight before clearing his throat. He didn't want to shout at Desmond in front of his soulmate but he was finding it difficult to keep his annoyance down.

Desmond turned quickly.

"Oh Master, how're you this morning?" He smiled with a shaky voice.

Vinny stared at him with an emotionless face.

"Don't you dare talk to Oliver like that. If he needs to come to me, you let him." His deep voice growled as he tried his best to stay calm.

"Of course, s-sorry Master," He stuttered before letting Oliver past and walking quickly into the restaurant. All the kitchen staff had listened without a word. They have also noticed how much Desmond shouts at Oliver.

Vinny opened the door for his soulmate and lead him into the corridor. There were a few people in the hallways, but it was a lot calmer than the kitchen.

"Is he always like that?" Vinny asked and casually leant against the wall.

"Yeah," Oliver brushed it off and stood in front of him.

He felt somewhat complete to have Vinny in his sight again but he wouldn't be fully satisfied until they made some sort of physical touch. Oliver knew feeling this way towards another guy was strange for Vinny. He also didn't want to make a move before him. He was way too dominant.

"A news broadcast has just been on TV about us. It showed your picture so now everyone knows who you are," Vinny sighed, not looking too amused. He didn't want Oliver to be harassed by people but it would be hard to avoid it now.

"Oh," Oliver bit his bottom lip. "I should probably try calling my dad again." 

"I think so too. Here," Vinny pulled out his mobile phone. He barely even uses it but he thought it would be better to have it today. Just in case his parents need to get in touch.

"Thank you," Oliver said and took the phone. His fingers brushed lightly across Vinny's, creating their hearts to beat a little faster. Vinny knew that he would have to start being more affectionate soon. It's all he thinks about when he's with Oliver. He wants to touch his hand, or stand really close. He just needs time to get used to it. It's strange to want to do these things but be scared about it at the same time.

Johns phone went straight to the answer phone for the second time. Oliver sighed before handing it back to Vinny.

"I don't know why he's not answering. He might have left his phone at home or something."

Vinny nodded in agreement.

They then watched each other for a few long seconds before Oliver dropped his gaze. The vampire's chocolate brown eyes were so intense. He felt like they were looking right into his soul.

"Maybe tonight, I could tell dad to come here and meet you and your parents properly? Also, your parents will be able to explain this situation a lot better than I will," Oliver suggested. He didn't want to try and explain this when he knew very little about what is going on. How could he explain to his dad that he's suddenly in love with the master and they can't be apart for a certain amount of time and also, they'll be together forever? It was too unrealistic for him to make it sound normal. But coming from the Vanderwood's themselves would help to make it more believable.

"Good idea." Vinny watched Oliver's eyes sparkle with the light. The sound of his voice made him melt inside.

"You think so? It's okay if your parents don't want to do it." He suddenly realised that he was making plans for the Vanderwood family without permission.

"They would love to meet your dad," Vinny reassured him.

Oliver didn't know how his dad would react to this. He hasn't even told him about him being gay. But he's pretty open minded about a lot of things, so he should be fine with it.

"Okay, as much as I hate to say this," Oliver then sighed. "I think I should get back to work before Desmond bursts a vein."

Vinny then smiled that beautiful smile. Even thought it was exceptionally small, to Oliver, it was very captivating.

"I don't want you to leave," The vampire mumbled but they were both thinking it. He knew as soon as Oliver went back through those doors, he would miss him like crazy.

Oliver watched as Vinny stepped closer to him, creating only a few centimetres between them.

He very slowly brought his hand forwards and gently took hold of Oliver's. His hand was so warm and comforting. It took Vinny a few seconds but with courage, he slowly intertwined their fingers together. He didn't care that people were looking at them as they passed by, all he cared about was his soulmate and the smooth feel of his skin against his.

It calmed the aching sensation in his chest and re-filled it with affection.

"I'll come back in an hour, I promise," Vinny said quietly. Oliver's face was close. He still wasn't brave enough to kiss him. But even though they've hugged already, it was still a big step for Vinny to hold his hand like this.

"Okay," Oliver whispered before daring to squeeze his hand.

A few more seconds went by until Oliver had to force himself to pull away. He's not getting paid to stare into Vinny's beautiful chocolate eyes, although he wished he was.

"An hour?" He questioned while stepping towards the kitchen.

"I promise," Vinny said and watched him open the door. 

They shared one last glance before Oliver forced himself again to get back to work.

Vinny hated this. He just wanted Oliver to always be right next to him but he hoped because it was Saturday tomorrow, he wouldn't be working.

Then he would be free to have him that close, all day.

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