Chapter 35

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John didn't hesitate to tell Duke and Madison what he thought about their daughter. The more he went over what had happened, the more it angered him. She thought she had the right to physically harm his son? She went out of her way to be spiteful and nasty. Her behaviour disgusted him but he wasn't the only one.

It was now half nine in the morning.

Vinny and Oliver were sleeping on the couch. When the maids came in to start work, Madison ordered them to go and change his bed sheets.

Duke had talked with Kyran on the phone and he made it clear that they would not be visiting anytime soon. Kyran also made it clear that he was horrified that Scarlet could do what she did. She wasn't in his good books and wouldn't be for a very long time.

When Duke put the phone down, he rested his elbows on his desk, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.

Images of his son crying haunted his memories.

Vinny was such a strong vampire and it hurt his parents to see him so crumbled and broken. It goes to show just how much Oliver meant to him. Vinny was that kind of person who could hold himself together, no matter what life threw at him. But when it comes to love, it can knock down the toughest of people and reveal their raw and fundamental qualities.

His parents couldn't remember the last time they saw him emotionally torn because he simply doesn't care about anything, therefore, nothing ever affects him. But Oliver was pretty much a part of him now. Their minds, bodies, and souls were deeply bonded, making everything they do, everything they think, feel or say, connected.

John sat at the dining-room table, he had called in sick today. He wanted to be there for Oliver if or when he needed him.

He tapped on his cup of coffee as he stared motionlessly into the dark wood of the table. He didn't know if what he witnessed this morning has put him off from making a decision about changing to a Vampire. He didn't know how it even worked. Oliver had Vinny's fangs buried deep into his arm and he's still human.

It was the thought of drinking human blood every year that was putting him off, more than anything.

Just then, he heard the distant screech of chairs and his mind re-surfaced. He looked up to see Madison and Duke sitting at either side of him.

"How are you doing John?" Duke asked.

"Yeah, okay I guess," He sighed. "What about you both?"

"We have definitely been better," Duke said as he watched his wife.

"I'm just glad to see the boys, catching up on some sleep," Madison said as they all looked over to the couch.

Vinny was asleep with his head resting on the arm of the couch as Oliver laid on top of him. His head was snuggled into the side of Vinny's neck as the vampire's strong arms wrapped around his back, holding him close.

They looked so peaceful and calm.

After spending a few hours of comforting each other and Oliver telling Vinny off every time he apologised, they decided to go back to sleep. Oliver was still ill from yesterday so he was surprisingly out like a light. It took Vinny almost an hour to drift off. Thoughts of that terrible event kept invading his mind and causing him too much heartache to settle.

"Me too," Duke said and took his gaze to the window. They all hoped their mood would brighten throughout the day but things like this don't just go in a few hours.

* * * * *

Vinny was first to wake. He was a little confused as to what was happening but it didn't take long for him to remember.

He frowned when he felt something weighted and snug against his body. He opened his eyes to see Oliver sleeping gently on top of him. Warmth instantly flooded his heart as he felt complete with him so close. Guilt was also there but he did his best to ignore it.

He could feel Oliver's soft hair against the side of his face and he felt an urge to run his fingers through it, although, he wanted him to sleep for a little while longer. But he didn't know he was also drifting from his dreams.

The first thing Oliver felt was throbbing in his wrist. It took him a moment to understand and to remember why it would be hurting. He took a deep breath before relaxing back onto what he could only describe as insanely comfortable.

He slowly moved his hand across something warm. Where was he?

Vinny looked down when he felt Oliver move. He smiled into the side of the vampire's neck when he realised he was sleeping on top of him. Slowly, he lifted his head and propped himself up.

"Morning... or afternoon," He mumbled. "What time is it?"

"It's quarter to ten in the morning. So good morning," Vinny said softly as Oliver tiredly smiled.

Their faces were only centimetres away from one another but the human watched as the shame flooded into Vinny's eyes when he saw his bandaged wrist.

"Stop it, you're still blaming yourself."

Vinny forced his gaze back to Oliver's big, warm eyes. They were kind and fully drew his attention in.

"I can't help it," He sighed as he ran his hands up Oliver's back until he reached his shoulders.

"There's nothing for you to blame yourself for. You drank my blood? So what. I knew it was going to happen from the moment she cut me and I knew you would hate yourself for it. Scarlet did this on purpose. She wanted to show your parents that humans can't live with vampires. She wanted to separate us from believing that it could work. But she has no idea just how strong this bond thing is."

Vinny loved listening to the sound of his voice and he also agreed with what he just said. This was scarlet's fault but he still drank Oliver's blood. He did try and stop himself, it was just too overpowering. And he feared it would happen if he woke up before Oliver. He was just disappointed that he wasn't as mentally strong as he thought he could be.

"And if it helps you feel better, your dad made Desmond do my shift today," Oliver added with a grin.

A little smile spread onto Vinny's lips.

"That does make me feel better." He pulled gently on the back of Oliver's neck so he could plant a warm kiss onto his forehead.

Their hearts flustered as Oliver buried his head into the side of his neck once more. They both breathed in each other scent and closed their eyes.

Today, Oliver was going to be as affectionate as he could to make Vinny feel better. But he didn't know his vampire was planning to do exactly the same.

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