Chapter 26

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It took Oliver a while to find the bedroom after Vinny's disappearing act but when he found it by asking for help, he saw Vinny sitting on the bed, already changed.

"Aw, look at you, all nice and dry," He grinned and walked closer. Vinny eyed him suspiciously, Oliver had a mischievous twinkle in his smile.

He got up and tried edging away, but his soulmate quickly stepped forwards and wrapped his arms around him. His wet clothes instantly dampened Vinny's as he kept his arms by his side.

"Oliver, I really do not want to hug you right now."

"Don't be silly. Of course, you do." Oliver squeezed him tighter. Vinny shook his head in amusement before pushing Oliver away.

"Go get changed before you catch a cold," He smiled and looked down at his now, damp clothes. Oliver grinned and headed over to his bag while Vinny turned to get some more clothes.

When they were both changed into some pyjamas, Vinny walked back to the bed and rested against the headboard. He watched Oliver walk over to his shelves. He was having a look at what random objects he had in his room.

Vinny had stop watches, candles, random wooden boxes and more odd things laid out. He wondered how old some of these items might be and how long they've been sitting in his bedroom.

When he was done looking, he sat down on the end of the bed. He crossed his legs and let out a happy sigh. They both sat in silence before he laid on his back.

"Do you know the time?" He asked. Vinny looked at his watch before hearing him yawn.

"It's quarter to ten."

"Already?" The day had gone fast for them both.

"Are you feeling tired?" He asked.

"Yeah, a little" Oliver stared at the dark wood of the poster bed. His mind was very full.

* * * * *

Vinny put his book down and looked at his watch again. It was now ten past one in the morning and it was time for him to go to bed.

He looked up to see his soulmate sleepy softly at the bottom of the bed. He had been asleep for a few hours now.

He moved slowly and scooted down until he was next to him. His sleeping face was so relaxed and calm. Vinny remembered when he was watching him on the night he broke into his bedroom. He had wanted to touch his face so badly and he couldn't wait until they had connected their bond.

Now, their relationship is developing so fast, it's almost hard for them both to keep up.

Vinny gently moved some hair from his eyes. He couldn't describe how strong his feelings were for Oliver. He was the perfect person to fall in love with. The fact that he's a guy is something he is definitely getting over. He actually likes Oliver's masculinity.

Vinny watched him for a few long seconds before he had to wake him. He couldn't leave him sleeping at the end of the bed.

"Oliver?" He whispered as he gently shook his shoulder. Oliver stirred but didn't open his eyes. He must be in a deep sleep. Vinny did it a few more times before his soulmate drifted up from his dream.

Oliver blinked tiredly. He was confused as to why he was getting woken up.

"Come on," Vinny didn't know if he had woken properly, so he helped him up to the top of the bed. Oliver had no idea what was going on, yet he knew he wanted more sleep. Vinny helped him under the covers and watched him rest his head on the pillow. His eyes closed instantly, his body fell still and his breathing slowed down.

Vinny walked around the bed and got in. He laid on his side and watched Oliver's chest rise and fall. He couldn't wait until the morning. He was excited to spend another day, getting to know his soulmate.

* * * * *

"One thing that is quite annoying is that we don't have any baby photos of our children," Madison explained to John as they sat around the dining table, having their breakfast. Oliver and Vinny were sitting opposite them while they listened to their conversation. They were talking about what it's like to have such a long lifeline.

"Oh yeah, wow. I've got ridiculous amounts of pictures of Oliver when he was younger," John chuckled.

"I bet! And I want to see them all when your belongings are brought over," She smiled. John returned the smile and nodded.

"Of course."

Duke was sat, twiddling his spoon and looking deep in thought. He has done ever since the question about the ageing process topic was brought up. Vinny had noticed, however, he didn't say anything because he knew what he would probably be thinking.

"It's amazing at how much technology has been developed within the last one hundred years or so. I have to admit, humans are pretty clever," Madison chuckled.

"We are," Oliver spoke under his breath. It was only quiet enough for Vinny to hear. He turned with a raised eyebrow.

"Maybe not you, but some."

Oliver gave him a blank look.

"You're so nice," He smiled sarcastically and crossed his arms.

They watched each other with straight faces before Oliver chuckled and Vinny cracked an amused smile.

"I'm joking, you're quite smart," He mumbled.

"I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not." Oliver bit his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing. They both loved how sarcastic their conversations could be.

"Okay, you're pretty great," Vinny shrugged.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Oliver cocked his head to the side but he heard him and the vampire knows that he did. He rolled his eyes before casually putting an arm on the back of his chair.

"You're so annoying."

Oliver chuckled, they both knew he was joking. He leant back against his chair so he could feel Vinny's arm against his shoulders.

"Okay, I have something very important to ask," Duke said, interrupting the conversations around the table. Everyone looked up to see that his expression was serious. Madison and Vinny knew what was coming, but Oliver and John were still in the dark about this opportunity.

"So, I've given this a lot of thought," Duke looked at Oliver and then to his dad. "But I think I've finally made a decision. You see, now that Oliver has connected that bond and because he's human, his ageing process changed so he ages like us. This gives him an opportunity to live with Vinny and to be his soulmate forever. But you on the other hand, still age like a regular human." Duke was watching John deep in the eyes. He wanted to make sure he was completely tuned in to what he was saying.

John nodded, signalling him to continue.

"So I want to ask you something. Now I understand if this is too much or too extreme to accept, but I want you to know that this choice is there for you to take at any time."

Madison gave her husband a reassuring smile. They were up until the early hours of the morning, deciding whether it was right to give him this opportunity or not.

The room was silent. Oliver had no idea what was about to be said.

"John, we would like to change your ageing process so you can live with your son and have a long life with him too," Duke said, but he wasn't finished. He sighed, there was no nice way for it to sound. "We would like to change you into a Vampire."

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