Chapter 66

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Yesterday, the Vanderwoods, Oliver, and John spent almost seven hours away from the mansion before it was safe for them to return home.

The shooter was confirmed to be the same Desmond who worked in the restaurant, the worker who was fired after revealing his love for Oliver. After hours of interrogation, he admitted to being the leader of the group that kidnapped the boys. So now, all the members had been found and arrested. But there was still one question. Who turned the humans to Vampires? That was one thing Desmond wouldn't reveal, though admitted that he was responsible for sending them after Vinny, and the Vampire who turned them only did it for money.

* * * * *

The sun was peeking above the horizon as Vinny paced back and forth on his leg. As predicted, it felt fine. There were no little tweaks of pain or weakness as he walked around the bedroom. He felt thankful that he could heal so quick, he was in a lot of pain last night, but Oliver looked after him very well. His soulmate provided him with so much comfort that sometimes Vinny forgot he was even hurting at all.

The vampire's eyes traced over Oliver who started to stir from his dreams. That cute human with a big heart stole more of Vinny's soul, and he couldn't be happier. He loved that the bond was deepening because he needed to have that intimacy with someone.

Oliver stretched and frowned sleepily. He was a little tired but had slept very well. Maybe it's because they've caught all the people who were a threat to them? He peeled his eyes open to see Vinny standing at the bottom of the bed with an intense but loving stare.

"Do you always watch me while I sleep?" Oliver mumbled before yawning.

Vinny stalked around the bed. He has been up for hours and was already dressed. "Yes."

Oliver watched the vampire climb under the bed covers and lay as close as he could get. His tired and puffy eyes examined his soulmates perfect features as cherished one another's warmth. "How's your leg this morning?" he asked before snuggling his head into his neck.

"Fully healed." Vinny gently rubbed Oliver's back.

"I'm so glad you're okay, I was anxious about you all night. I guess that's only natural."

Vinny squeezed him tight before rolling over and squishing the human completely.

"You're so heavy," Oliver groaned, quickly distracted by him kissing his face.

The boys left the events of yesterday in the past. They spent hours last night talking about it and getting used to the idea that Desmond would try and commit a murder. Oliver was not letting that sink in too deeply because he worked with him. What Desmond tried to do was madness, and Oliver didn't want to get sucked into it. As of today, all of the Vanderwood staff were under observation. Nobody could be trusted.

* * * * *

Oliver missed his dad by minutes as he just made it in time for breakfast. He wanted to talk to John and ask if he thought any more about letting the Vanderwoods turn him into a Vampire. Oliver hoped that his dad did. It would break his heart if he refused to live a long life with him.

"Boys, will you come to the kitchen with us while we speak to the staff about yesterday?" Duke asked. His workers were under a lot of stress, and he had to apologise. He thought it was best not to mention Desmond, knowing it was a very touchy subject for his son.

"Yes," Vinny said and stood up, adjusting his waistcoat, "we will."

Oliver stood up too before following the Vanderwoods out of the dining room. There was no staff in the long hallways. Everyone stood in the kitchen, waiting for their boss.

Vinny took Oliver's hand as they approached the door. They gave each other little smiles before Duke entered.

The room was bustling and the talking quickly silenced like someone pulled the plug on a radio. A lot of people glanced at Oliver and Vinny as they stood with their fingers intertwined.

"Okay, thank you, everyone, for turning up this morning," Duke said, surprised by the turnout. "After yesterday, I was a little wary that a lot of you would refuse to come back due to the danger we were all put through."

Vinny's eyes glared around the staff, but he was also surprised that so many workers were loyal enough to return like nothing happened.

"I just wanted to say," Duke continued, "that I can't apologise enough. Our home is supposed to be a safe working environment and I'm sorry that you were exposed to such danger."

Madison took her husbands arm. "Can I thank someone called Jessie Stone for pushing the panic button? Where are you?" she asked, scanning the room.

A short woman stepped forwards. Vinny recognised her as the person Desmond called a slut. It felt satisfying that she got her revenge.

"Jessie, thank you so much. Without you, I don't know if my son or Oliver would be standing here today. We are exceptionally grateful!"

Oliver beamed, and even Vinny had softened his gaze, looking less intimidating.

Desmond might have made it to the dining room, giving the Vanderwoods less time to shield themselves. Yet, Jed would have been standing outside the room and so far, his bodyguard skills have been extraordinary.

Jessie turned bright red, and her eyes brightened with excitement, looking like Duke had made her entire year. "You're welcome!" she squeaked before burying herself back into the crowd.

"Right, are you ready to get the restaurant open? Also all the maid's and butlers-" As Duke continued to talk, Vinny put his arm around Oliver's shoulders and moved his face close so he could whisper.

"I love you."

Oliver's eyes glazed over with sparkles as he flushed as red as Jessie. "I love you too."

Vinny watched Oliver's mouth before moving his face even closer, which gained attention from the staff. "What would you do if I made out with you in front of all these people?" the vampire whispered.

Oliver's heart stopped. "I will make a scene and embarrass you," he replied, subconsciously tugging on Vinny's shirt.

Vinny gave the human no time to think before pressing their lips together.

Oliver tried his hardest not to kiss back and to pull away, but Vinny wrapped his arms around him and sandwiched their bodies together. Vinny's comfort and taste dragged him in, and he melted into his affection.

This big and grumpy vampire made out with his human like there was nothing more precious in the world.

A whisper formed through the staff as Duke stopped talking and turned to the boys.

"Vinny-" Oliver said, but the vampire pushed their lips together again. "Sto-" Vinny wouldn't let him say anything. All he could concentrate on was the love in the core of his heart.

Duke walked to his son and pulled their heads apart, resting an arm around each of the boys' shoulders. He pinched Oliver's cheek and ruffled Vinny's hair. "We all know you can't keep your hands off each other, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't make out while I'm talking."

Vinny deepened his frown, grabbed Oliver's arm and dragged his soulmate out of the kitchen.

When they entered the corridor, Oliver stared at his feet and chuckled. "I love this family," he said before pulling Vinny into a hug.

"We just embarrassed you in front of your work friends."

"Yes, but you don't care what anyone thinks," Oliver said. "You could be very boring and strict people, but you're the complete opposite, and I love that." Once you get to know the Vanderwoods, beneath the surface, they come with a lot of character.

Vinny pulled back, just as the staff started to exit the kitchen. "Come on, let's go and annoy someone else," he smiled.

"I'm sure Jed's somewhere," Oliver grinned.

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