Chapter 75

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In case you were wondering, there are 98 chapters, so not that many left :)

- Sian

When Vinny didn't answer and lead his human to the stairs, Oliver just followed. As they made their way onto the second floor and headed down long corridors, Vinny could feel his soulmate watching him. A mighty wave of affection was drowning him.

"You feel that too?" Oliver asked. He knew they would have to do something to satisfy their needs. Even if they didn't take it as far as making love, they'd have to get reasonably passionate.

"Yes," Vinny said while they approached the bedroom door. Vinny entered first. Oliver followed and turned to shut the door behind him, but when he did, Vinny pinned him against the wood.

Oliver was stunned, and as he saw the growing desire in Vinny's eyes, he started feeling it too.

They allowed their gaze to inspect each other's faces. Vinny rested his whole body into his soulmates. Their feelings were too strong to hold anything back.

At the same time, they leaned close and connected their lips. Relief ran through them as they savoured the familiar taste of one another.

Vinny immediately reached up and ran his fingers through Oliver's hair, pushing his body harder against him. Their lips moved together as Oliver pulled on his waistcoat.

The kiss was as magical as the first time, and like all of their kisses, it felt amazing.

Vinny's emotions pulsed around his body and he effortlessly picked his soulmate up. Without breaking the kiss, Oliver subconsciously wrapped his legs around him. Vinny couldn't see where he was going and turned around, but he knew the bed was in that direction.

The kiss deepened. The boys felt like they couldn't hold back whatever possessed them to be passionate. They loved every second of it and wouldn't slow down. They couldn't.

Suddenly, Vinny's feet found the side of the bed, and with the weight of Oliver too, he fell forwards and land heavily onto his soulmate.

Oliver didn't mind as he wrapped arms around Vinny's shoulders and pulled their bodies even closer. They started breathing heavy as they began losing themselves in the moment. Their lips connected roughly in a desperate attempt to satisfy their cravings.

Vinny then felt Oliver fiddling with his waistcoat buttons. He didn't care and decided to slip his warm hands under Oliver's jumper so that he could feel his smooth skin against his fingers.

Any nerves or shy feelings had melted when they took a shower together. Emotions were stretching, and the boys knew it was about time. They were familiar with each other, and the strong bond made it ridiculously hard to back out.

As Oliver fumbled with the last button on Vinny's waistcoat, a loud creak of the bedroom door froze the boys in place. Vinny angrily snapped his head up to see who entered.

Duke stood with his hand still on the handle, staring at the boys lying on top of each other. Oliver still had his hands on Vinny's waistcoat buttons. Vinny still had his hands under Oliver's clothes. Duke was like a deer caught in the headlights but decided on revenge for their disappearing act in the kitchen. That was what he came to the bedroom for anyway.

"Get out!" Vinny growled.

"No. You need to come and help organise this party," Duke said and crossed his arms. He felt guilty that he was interrupting something that embarrassed the boys.

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