Chapter 63

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The boys stayed silent as they kicked the snow about with their feet. Vinny's family were still in the dining-room, talking about why they have so much security around the mansion. Jasper wanted to help immediately, feeling angry that they kept him in the dark about something so serious. A kidnapping was beyond unacceptable.

Vinny stared at the boy who he was madly in love with, and the relationship they are forming is far from regular. He found himself thinking about why it was happening to them. Is there a purpose behind it or are they picked at random? He wasn't sure if he believed the part about fate. How could his Granddad possibly know that?

Oliver was thinking about their souls. He found it easier to picture two circles that slowly merged to form one. But nobody knew if a bit of that circle would be left out, or if the whole circle would connect. He wondered what would happen if their souls did that, but if it has never happened before, why would it happen to them?

Vinny then had enough of the silence. He wanted to be silly with his soulmate to stop their minds from thinking too deeply into the unknown. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the human.

Oliver gasped when Vinny picked him up and spun him around, then dumped him in the deep snow. He laughed and lay on the ground, picking up a handful of snow to throw at Vinny, but missed.

"How did you miss me? I'm right in front of you," Vinny chuckled.

Oliver grinned and stared at the clouds moving in the blue sky.

Vinny pulled him back to his feet and asked, "What's on your mind?"

"You." Oliver bit lightly on his bottom lip. Neither of them forgot about the challenge. He took off his gloves and unbuttoned the top few buttons on Vinny's jacket before pushing cold hands in and wrapped arms around the vampire's waistcoat.

"You're so warm," Oliver smiled, hovering his lips close to his.

Vinny couldn't move his gaze away from his soulmates mouth; he felt the sudden need to kiss him.

Oliver moved his face and pressed his lips to Vinny's ear, and the vampire shivered.

"I was also thinking about what you'd look like with no clothes on," Oliver whispered and nibbled his earlobe.

Vinny's heart almost jumped out of his chest, and his senses felt fuzzy and muddled.

Oliver pulled his head back to see his soulmate's wide eyes. But then, he saw something else, something he has been waiting to see all morning.

Vinny blushed.

The vampire cleared his throat and diverted his eyes, trying to blink back the heat but it wouldn't leave. Every time he thought about what Oliver said, it kept deepening.

"Oh my god," Oliver chuckled. "That is the cutest thing I have ever seen." He watched how Vinny tried to pull himself together, but the vampire then thought, why not tease him too? So he quickly moved his face close enough for their noses to touch.

"Well, I was thinking the same about you."

Oliver felt his cheeks heat up. "Dammit Vinny, you couldn't just let me have the glory could you?" he chuckled.

Vinny watched with affectionate eyes. He still couldn't get what he said out of his head.

Oliver's cheeks were still crimson, but now a smirk had appeared.

"At least I know what makes you blush, but I think it's sweet how you blush at things like that."

Vinny expressed a little smile.

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