Chapter 52

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For the rest of the day, the boys kept each other company, getting too mentally attached to let go or be out of arms reach. What happened to them shook Oliver, he didn't want to be alone in any room, but Vinny understood. He would not leave his side, not until he was feeling back to normal.

Duke was sitting in his study, watching news broadcasts about the boys. He made sure none of it was negative publicity and was glad that the search for them was over and they were back home, safe.

His mind could finally rest because not long ago, the police captured the last member of the group who threw hate crimes against the Vampires. Duke had decided to make it a law against forming those kinds of groups. It was his city; he could do whatever he wanted. And when it came to his son's safety, he would do whatever it took to keep him safe.

He had already found Jed and thanked him for rescuing the boys. He does his job correctly and takes it seriously, and for that, he is incredibly thankful.

Frank, the police officer who got arrested, is still being questioned. Duke found out he only just transferred from this city to a different one, which explains why someone living in a different place would be out to get a member of the Vanderwood family. He rubbed his temples, hating that people felt the need to do this to them. Just because they are Vampires, doesn't mean they don't have feelings and don't deserve to live their lives in peace, just like everyone else.

* * * * *

"Can I close these?" Oliver asked Vinny and took hold of the poster bed curtains. They were a deep shade of red and felt like velvet.

"Yes. The fabric is thick enough that it will block out all the light, though." Vinny watched Oliver close one side. The light darkened when he closed the second and the third. When Oliver reached the fourth, he closed it until it was pitch black. He then proceeded to get back into bed, but it was hard getting over Vinny when he couldn't see anything.

"You didn't plan that very well." Vinny felt Oliver's body roll over him with uncertainty.

"Or did I?" Oliver grinned.

The vampire chuckled, his brown eyes could not see a single thing as he reached over until his fingers brushed across a part of Oliver. The human stopped moving when he felt something trace against his chin.

"Vinny, please tell me that was you."

Vinny set his smile free, knowing that Oliver couldn't see it.

"What was me?" He questioned and lifted his foot to trace it over his ankles.

"Okay, that was you."

"I'm not doing anything," He spoke innocently and reached forwards again, touching what felt like a shoulder.

"Stop it," Oliver chuckled. He clumsily grabbed Vinny's arm, due to the lack of sight.

"It wasn't me, did you not know the mansion is indeed, haunted?" Vinny whispered.

"Shut up!" He whined and jumped onto Vinny, squashing the air out of his lungs.

"I'm serious, this room, in particular, is-" He got silenced by a warm hand covering his mouth. "I have an idea," He muffled before gently pushing Oliver aside and reached over to the curtains. Oliver squinted at the light but watched his soulmate walk over to the drawers.

Vinny opened the first one and rummaged around, looking for something. He successfully found three candles in glass jars. He also grabbed a box of matches with a happy twinkle in his eyes.

"Now, we can have the curtains closed, and see at the same time." He handed the candles to Oliver before pushing the curtain open and sitting on the side of the bed. It squeaked under his weight; it was very aged and in need of a replacement.

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