Baby Kisses by vernaclay
Baby Kissesby Verna Clay
Tooty Townsend bore a child at the age of sixteen. Now, four years later, she has her hands full raising Harris and trying to make a living. An unexpected job interview...
  • series
  • contemporary
  • country-girl
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You Have Wings? by SianaghGallagher
You Have Wings?by Sian
*COMPLETED* (BxB) A seventeen-year-old boy discovers the world's biggest secret by accident. Or was it? Have you ever believed in destiny, fate or coincidence? Young Co...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • mystery
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Just One Hello (Book 2 in the Just Series) by AmateurRomanceWriter
Just One Hello (Book 2 in the AmateurRomanceWriter
Book 2 in the Just Series. This is a standalone book. The series follows the life of the Anastasi siblings, with book 2 Eleanor "Ellie" Anastasi has had it w...
  • secrets
  • proposition
  • love
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His Unwanted Wife Again by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wife Againby sweetstuff1111
This is the sequel to 'His Unwanted Wife' Excerpt ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get out! There is nothing left between us." Nathan yells. "What do you mean Nathan? We're marr...
  • book2
  • love
  • sequel
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Business No More by Sadaf3232
Business No Moreby Sadaf3232
BOOK 2 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES Every marriage comes with complications and Sam Anderson is about to learn that. Can he and Violet overcome the hurricane? When...
  • billionaire
  • romance
  • its
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Pure Little Pup: Book One by babey_official
Pure Little Pup: Book Oneby b a b e y y [u/c]
Book One Of: Pure Little Pup 'уσυ αяє мιиє ℓιттℓє σиє, тιℓℓ ∂єαтн ∂υє υѕ αραят' Shy, Innocent, Broken These and many more words describe 16 year old Darcia Howard. She...
  • bullied
  • protective
  • innocent
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BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmare by beyondlocks
BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmareby Janice Martana
BLS #5 Luke Hastington A Billionare that really loves work more than anything. Call him workaholic because he loves to sit on his office for hours without getting tired...
  • billionare
  • lovestory
  • hailey
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Live with & Be with The Bad Boy (COMPLETED) by SarahattheDisco168
Live with & Be with The Bad Boy ( sarah
Highest Rank- #1 in Teen Fiction (12/11/16) Book #1 of The Good & The Bad Series. Margaret Louise Carter has always been the unpopular bookworm in Henderson High as long...
  • badboy
  • arrangedmarriage
  • rivals
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Imagine Loki by Ridiculousn3ss
Imagine Lokiby Ridiculousn3ss
Ah yes, the wonderful villain from the Marvel franchise. Loki. Admit it, when you encountered him, Marvel made you question your morals. But who cares! I'm here to write...
  • oneshots
  • reader
  • series
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Army Strong by ablacksheep
Army Strongby Lily
After seeing the aftermath of a wild party she threw, Camila's parents feel like the only option left to deal with with their daughter's rebel behavior is military schoo...
  • series
  • armystrong
  • camren
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Always His by Chocolate013001
Always Hisby Chocolate013001
Book One in His Trilogy When Oliver West turned 18 he thought he would find a loving mate, what he really found was an ignorant Alpha mate that wanted nothing to do with...
  • love
  • mpreg
  • gaylove
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The Slytherin Queen (Draco X Reader)- Year 3 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen (Draco X The Slytherin Queen
~(The third book in the Slytherin Queen Series)~ (Y/n) Lovecharm, a newly made Hogwarts hero, returns for her third year at Hogwarts. With the mysterious break out o...
  • dracoxreader
  • draco
  • series
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The Myriad Chronicles | Book One: The Reader by FayLane
The Myriad Chronicles | Book Faera Lane
Can one girl's imagination save a dying world? London schoolgirl Guin Hawkins wants nothing more than to save her sister Evelyn from lifelong illness. Prince Lorn of The...
  • worlds
  • adventure
  • youngadult
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Daughter of Chaos by Jen_McConnel
Daughter of Chaosby Jen McConnel
Magic is supposed to be easy; there's Black, White, and Green Magic, and once a Witch picks a path, that's really all she has to worry about. But for Darlena Agara, thin...
  • goddess
  • paranormal
  • youngadult
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Suddenly Princess by NickiCatherine
Suddenly Princessby Nicki
AnnaMaria Romanoff grows up with an adoptive family, thinking that her biological parents were working class citizens of the country of Chirnova, who died tragically in...
  • arranged
  • queen
  • love
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US2: Her Doubt [SPG] by donavain
US2: Her Doubt [SPG]by ⒸⒺⒺ
[Unpredictable Series II] WARNING: Some chapters in this story contains mature scenes that may not be appropriate to readers 17 and below. Eleissa Veronica Salcedo...
  • completed
  • herdoubt
  • series
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Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition] by shevvie
Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition]by 紫苑
"When you start to really look at some people, you begin to notice the masks on their faces chipping away." Marissa Lee spent her entire childhood building up...
  • heal
  • colourmein
  • theroyals
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SINNER'S PRAYER - marvel [4] by buckiplier
SINNER'S PRAYER - marvel [4]by — ABBIE —
Hear my sinner's prayer, I am what I am. Lydia is visited by an unlikely friend and they cause quite some trouble. BOOK FOUR BUCKIPLIER © 2016
  • thor
  • america
  • hiddleston
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Senseless by TheoryKierei
Senselessby TheoryKierei
Book 3 of HomeLess Growing up in a family was what most kids who didn't have one, would dream about. As he got older, however, A.J. found himself dreaming about the same...
  • three
  • mxm
  • book
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Scuttle (Pirate King #2) by rskovach
Scuttle (Pirate King #2)by Rita
Instead of planning her wedding, Ana is preparing for war. Captain Alestair "Cade" Kincade has renounced piracy, but he can't yet forgo being a soldier. Despit...
  • battles
  • wprh
  • revolutionary
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