Chapter 76

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It was three in the afternoon, and Vinny was staring at his soulmate. The party was due to start in five hours. Yesterday, the boys never got to go on their date or finish what they started. Duke made them help out with the party. Well, Duke had Vinny doing everything. Wherever the teen vampire went, Oliver went with him to help.

"Oliver, the restaurant closes in two hours. Would you like to go on that date?" Vinny asked, making him look up from what he was scrolling through on his phone.

"Sure," Oliver grinned, warming Vinny's soul.

Madison, Duke, and John looked up from the table as the boys left. They thought it was adorable how they went on dates together.

John had the day off work because he wanted to relax and help with the party. He also had tomorrow off too, so Duke could change him into a Vampire. He was nervous, but John was trying not to think about it.

The boys walked hand in hand down the corridor. Last night, Vinny talked with Oliver and asked about his opinions on his anger issues.

Oliver explained that it wasn't a problem, and he wouldn't change anything about Vinny. It could be worse. He could be like scarlet and never apologise, be extremely nasty to people and rude. Vinny wasn't like her. He wasn't malicious; he was just grumpy and would never be as cruel as his sister, even when he was at his worst. Oliver then proceeded to tell Vinny everything he loved about him before they joked around and made fun of each other.

When the boys entered the kitchen, Vinny glared around which captured the attention of the staff. "You," Vinny said in a deep voice, singling out a woman with wine glasses, "are there any free tables?"

"Um, yes of course!" she said quickly before turning around and hurrying towards the restaurant.

The booth that the boys usually sat in was empty, so Vinny led Oliver in that direction. Weaving their way through busy tables while holding hands caused quite the stir. The boys sat extremely close, and Vinny put his arm around his soulmate's shoulders. The public, as usual, was very excited and started staring and talking about them. Oliver was pretty much used to the attention.

"What would you like to drink?" the woman asked politely.

"Can I get some water please?" Oliver asked. He knew that he would be drinking alcohol at the party.

"Of course. And for you, Master?" She turned to look at Vinny because he wasn't staring at her. Vinny was watching Oliver with a softer expression.

"The same, please," he said, without taking his gaze away from the boy with pretty green eyes.

"I'll be back in a moment," she smiled before spinning lightly on her heels and rushing towards the kitchen.

"You're so beautiful," Vinny mumbled like he only meant to say it in his head. Oliver made eye contact, and his cheeks were on the brink of blushing, but he tried not to get too flushed.

"Thank you," he said with a charming smile. "And you're really hot."

Vinny scoffed but took the compliment and tried to return the smile. He could only smirk. "That, I am," he said before moving closer to Oliver.

"Wait I forgot to add something," Oliver said as his heart fluttered. "You're also really big-headed."

Vinny watched in amusement as Oliver chuckled at his own words. "Well yes. I am a vampire after all."

Before they could say more, two glasses of water clunked against the table.

"Thank you," Oliver said and reached for the menu. He glanced around to see eager eyes and heard hushed mumbling. "So um, my dad decided to take your dad's offer about getting turned," Oliver said and started playing with Vinny's fingers to distract himself.

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