Chapter 74

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"We're throwing you both a party!" Madison said with the excitement beaming in her wide smile.

Oliver raised his eyebrows, not expecting the news.

Vinny deepened his frown and glared. "No," he said bluntly, making Oliver turn with begging eyes.

"Why not? Parties are great!" he grinned and Vinny couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

"Vinny here is the king of all things unsocial," Duke chuckled, not helping his son's mood. "Look, I know you're worried because you think more people will be like Scarlet. Honestly, if they can't accept a family member who has a soulmate of the same gender, then there's really no place for them in this family." Duke spoke the truth. If people were not prepared to accept his son, then he was not prepared to keep in touch.

"I don't want a party," Vinny mumbled.

"Well tough because you're getting one," Madison chuckled, too deep into decoration ideas to care.

"I think you're the first teenager I have ever come across who doesn't like parties." Oliver nudged Vinny, making the sharp-edged vampire soften his gaze, just for a moment.

"You should have seen him at the one we threw when we were waiting for you to show up," Duke said with a dark smirk.

Vinny rolled his eyes and sat back on his seat.

"Yeah, I actually tried avoiding serving your table," Oliver admitted.


"Vinny kinda scared me."

Everyone laughed. "That cold stare would put anyone off," Duke said.

"Leave me alone." Vinny crossed his arms, sinking further into the wood.

"Aw, you're so grumpy," Oliver teased before resting an arm around him.

Vinny's parents loved watching their relationship blossom. Most people would assume their arm would be bitten off, and they would be right, but Oliver was now immune to Vinny's terrifying personality.

Vinny ignored his soulmate and sat up straighter.

Oliver could detect the amusement in his eyes, but to his parents, Vinny was still moody. "So, when are you thinking of having the party?"

"When do you boys want to have it? We called family and friends last night, all of them are free all week and actually very eager to see you both."

Oliver looked at Vinny, who didn't seem interested, though an answer was forcing its way up their throats.

"What about tomorrow?" they said in unison, which never failed to surprise the vampires.

"Tomorrow evening? That sounds like a good idea," Duke said, looking at his wife for validation.

"Okay, we'll call everyone back and invite them. Why don't we start it at eight and finish it when everyone gets too tired, bored or too consumed with alcohol?" Madison grinned.

"Sounds good my dear," Duke said, feeling excited about introducing Oliver to his relatives. "Boy's, come with me please."

Vinny watched his father stand up. "Where are we going?"

"To the kitchen. We need to inform the staff and you need to tell the chefs and waiters what you want to be served. This is your party."

Vinny groaned and dragged himself from the table like his legs were made of stone.

"Alright, don't go crazy with excitement," Oliver smirked. Vinny turned with a glare that made Oliver tilt his head. "Am I going to regret that?"

Vinny stepped forwards and loomed over him with his intimidating stance. "Yes," he said lowly, but Oliver was no stranger to his patronising body language.

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