Chapter 25

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"Have I been here before?" Oliver asked as they stopped outside a pair of big double doors. They were very thick and heavy with Victorian patterns carved delicately into the dark wood.

"Yes but you haven't been inside," Vinny let go of Oliver's hand so he could slide one door open.

As he did so, Oliver peered in behind him. He couldn't see anything because the lights were off. But when the vampire reached for the switch, his breath was taken away.

In this room, was a huge Roman swimming pool.

Oliver stepped onto the patterned tiles and looked around. The room was twice as big as any room he has seen so far. On the far left, there was a line of huge white pillars, standing tall. The walls were filled with mosaic patterns of blue, white and grey. 

He looked down and into the massive swimming pool. He could see more mosaic patterns at the bottom of the floor, showing how clear the water was. To his side, there were sun loungers, towels and random other things placed neatly on metal shelves.

Oliver looked around the whole room as his eyes scaled the high ceilings.

"This is amazing," He breathed.

Vinny stood, watching him. He loved his reaction. He saw the surprise on Oliver's face and it made him appreciate what he has.

He then started to take off his shoes and socks before rolling up his trousers. His soulmate turned to see what he was doing and started doing the same. Vinny walked over to the swimming pool and sat down on the edge.

Oliver copied him but tried to sit quite close.

"I can't believe you have this in your home," The warm water surrounded his feet.

"Our home," Vinny corrected him before gently nudging his shoulder.

Oliver smiled. It sent electricity right through him.

He looked back up to the walls, to him they were incredible. So much detail had gone into one room and he didn't want to think about how long it would have taken to decorate the walls.

"Was this built when the house was built?" He questioned.

"The swimming pool and the pillars, no. But everything else, yes." He watched his soulmate's feet in the water.

"Did they come later in the centuries?"

"No, you're looking at an original Roman bath."

Oliver stared at him with all the interest he could possibly share.

"What like... thousands of years ago, Roman baths?" He asked.

The vampire nodded.

"We built the house around it because we owned the pool anyway and it was such a great feature to add to the home," He shrugged like it was nothing.

"How old were you when the baths were first built?" Oliver asked and looked over to the grand pillars.

"Well, it was built in the fourth century, so about sixteen."

Oliver's mind didn't even register it at first. Vinny was sixteen in the time of the Romans. The more he thought about it, the more he found it quite funny.

"What?" Vinny questioned suspiciously. He has never been around a human for so long.

"So, you're the oldest thing in the room?"

Vinny shook his head in amusement. He has to admit, that was a new one.

"In two thousand years, it won't be so funny anymore," He couldn't help but smile too. His soulmate's smile was so contagious.

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