Chapter 6

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Vinny stepped back. What just happened? A wave of sudden emotion washed through him. He felt affection, happiness, passion and love all at the same time.

He looked down at Desmond who was still picking up the broken glass. His feelings died down a little but when he looked back to the other worker, his feelings sparked through the roof.

No, this can not be happening.

Why did he feel this way? Maybe his soulmate was extremely close by? That would explain why he felt like this now.

As Vinny realised both workers were watching him, he cleared his throat and tried his hardest to return back to normal.

"Go back to the kitchen." He said and scowled down at Desmond. His glare came back immediately, making the worker feel a little scared under the eye of such dominance.

When he looked back to see that the other member of staff was walking away, he couldn't bring himself to look at him with anything other than interest and surprise.

He was beyond confused and waited until they were both out of sight before he let his mind collapse. He was fine one minute and in love the next. But where is his soulmate? It definitely wasn't one of those two, was it? It can't be. Vinny isn't gay. He would never have feelings towards another guy.

But for some reason, when he thought that, his mind was screaming at him that he was wrong. He had seen that worker throughout the day and every time he saw him, he would stop and watch.
Now that he was gone, he wanted to watch him again. He wanted to see his face and watch how he casually did his job. He wanted to watch his bright big eyes and how they-

"Oh god," Vinny whispered and put a hand over his mouth. The sudden realisation made his heart jump right out of his chest.

His soulmate is male.

* * * * *

Oliver quickly walked back to the kitchen. He didn't want to waste any more time, especially when he was supposed to be busy tonight. But also, the Master seemed unusual. Maybe he felt his soulmate or something he wondered and picked up another tray.

"What happened out there?" A girl whispered and also picked up some more wine glasses.

"Desmond was being an idiot as usual," He whispered back, not wanting to go into detail.
They must have heard the smash of the beer bottles.

The girl nodded, she understood. Everyone here understands what Desmond can be like.

Oliver straightened his collar and picked up his full tray. He headed towards the other door which lead straight into the big hall.

When he entered, the music was loud and so was the chatter. The hall was huge with a cream marble dance floor and tall table's that were dotted around so the guests had places to talk and put their drinks. It was colour themed a deep purple and black. Oliver couldn't help but imagine that the Master had picked those colours.

The room was mainly filled with Vampires. It was a little daunting but they are not known for drinking a human dry. They are known for their dominance. Oliver did wonder if they drank blood or even had vampire teeth. He had never seen their sharp fangs in real life before.

As he offered drinks around, the main talk was what the Master was doing. Every female at the age of eighteen was here, just in case they are lucky enough to be his soulmate.

Vinny re-entered the big hall after trying to calm himself down.

Is his soulmate really male?

It was barely even heard of in the vampire community. Of course, it happened, but he didn't think it would happen to him. He couldn't tell his parents. He had to pretend that everything was fine. He was more worried about their acceptance.

Not even Vinny himself thought he would fall in love with a male, so how are his parents supposed to process it?

He scanned the room and of course, his eyes landed on the worker. His soulmate. Now, It was so easy for his eyes to find him, he just seemed to stand out. But as hard as it was, he forced himself to look away and walk smoothly towards his parents.

"Vinny, you took your time," Madison smiled before linking arms with him. He nodded and put his back to his soulmate who was making his way to the guests. "Wanted some peace and quiet huh?" She chuckled while taking a drink of orange juice. His parents are not big drinkers. They would never even think of getting drunk at an event like this anyway. "So, do you feel anything yet?"

Vinny swallowed and shook his head to say no.

"Don't worry son, she'll be here and I'm sure of it," Duke said, entering in on their conversation.

"What if she's not?" He asked and narrowed his eyes. He was careful with his choice of words.

"She will. It's mating season and you're eighteen. She can't just not turn up," He chuckled. It was the last day of mating season too.

Vinny took a deep breath. It was incredibly hard for him to keep his gaze away from that worker.

"Would I feel what strength the connection is before I connect with my soulmate?" He asked.

His parents cocked their heads at his questions but they understood that he would be feeling anxious. After all, there are only four hours left of the day.

"Yes. If it's weak, you would have to connect to feel something," Madison said. The weak bond requires love to be made on its own. So they would have to get to know each other first and get used to each other being there.

"If it's medium, you'll feel the urge to connect the bond, but you won't feel the love until after you've done it," Duke said, remembering how it felt when he realised Madison was his lover. "And if it's strong, you'll feel so in love with that person, it'll be hard not to make that bond."

Vinny's gaze drifted to his soulmate.

He did feel rather strongly in love and it was incredibly hard for him not to just walk up to the guy and make that physical touch. But he was also a little afraid of his feelings. This was another man. He shouldn't feel this way towards him, but he did, and it was strong.

Vinny looked back to his parents. There's no way he can tell them. What will they do when it reaches midnight and he still hasn't 'found' his soulmate? He won't be able to last the night without seeing this guy. Their bond is a strong one and they can only be apart for two hours at a time.

Of course, Oliver didn't feel anything yet. But he was completely unaware that Vinny was watching him from the other side of the hall with powerful feelings of affection towards him.

"What if I found out who it was, but didn't make a connection until tomorrow when mating season is over?" He asked his parents.

"Is there something you're not telling us?" Duke smiled but he was a little concerned.

"No, I'm just asking," Vinny muttered and crossed his arms. His glare came back to his face while he stared at his feet.

"Nothing would happen, the connection has happened with you, but you can join the connection with her at any time," Madison sighed. "Stop worrying and have a good time." She tried to give him a bottle of beer.

Vinny refused it and turned away.

It was horrible for him. He had so many mixed emotions flying through his heart. He was in love for the first time in his life and he couldn't even embrace it. How could he? He was in love with another male, but it wasn't right. This wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. He was terrified of rejection. He didn't want his parents to abandon him. He didn't even know how they felt about same-sex relationships.

His head was starting to hurt. He turned back to find his lover. His eyes found him immediately as the worry inside him subsided. How can he feel so in love with this person? Maybe he needs time to adjust to it. But he won't be able to last long until he has to make that connection. It was already hurting his chest.

The most exciting day of his life has turned into a huge disaster, and nobody even knew.

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