Chapter 2

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When evening time approached, the day before the big event, the Master was becoming more anxious to meet his soulmate. For a Vampire, their whole childhood leads up to this moment. They will spend the rest of their life with this person, so it's kind of a big deal.

"If you look like that tomorrow, she'll run a mile," Duke joked to his son. He was looking incredibly nervous.

"I look fine," He replied bluntly.

"Vinny you need to relax. Everything will run smoothly, it will all be fine," Madison smiled and rested her hands on her son's shoulders.

"I am relaxed," He sighed and took his glare to the window.

The Master is very stubborn. He finds himself frowning more than looking happy and he has a pretty sharp attitude and a very short temper. He has been like this from an early toddler. His parents find it hard to believe that he'll be the affectionate type when it comes to a relationship because he doesn't even show them much love. Of course, he loves his parents and they know that. But he is not very good at showing his emotions.

They hope that when he finds his true love, he will learn to express his passion for things more easily. But that is hard to believe.

"At least, look a little excited," Duke smiled and sat next to his son on the big leather couch.

"It's the not knowing when I will meet her that's annoying me," Vinny grumbled. He also wished that his parents didn't throw such a big event, but it was the tradition.

"You could meet her at any time during the day. But isn't that exciting?" Madison grinned, remembering what it was like when she first saw Duke walking towards her.

"No." Vinny then got up and headed towards the gardens to clear his head. His parents shared amused glances as they sat together on the couch.

"God help whoever he falls in love with," Duke chuckled.

* * * * *

Oliver got home just after half six. The snow had calmed down by then but the ice was extremely slippy. The car was parked up on the driveway as he walked past, indicating that his dad was already home.

"Hi dad," He shouted before taking his boots off at the front door. He hung his coat up and put his gloves in the pockets so he didn't lose them.

"Hey, how was work?" John smiled. He watched as Oliver sat down at the kitchen table.

"Yeah, alright," He shrugged while John dished out some food for him. "How was your day?" 

"Cold," He chuckled and handed him his plate.

"So I hear there is a big event happening tomorrow?" John asked, making Oliver nod.

"Yeah, the Master's finding his soulmate or something," He mumbled and rolled his eyes.

"And I'm guessing you've heard nothing but that all day?"

"Yeah, I'm sick of hearing about it if I'm honest."

"Will you be working late tomorrow then?"

"The event will finish at midnight," He sighed and ate his food.

"Alright, I'll wait up until you get in," John smiled.

"you don't have to do that, I'll be fine."

"actually, I'll pick you up."

"No don't do that, it'll be late, you should just go to bed, I'll be fine dad."

John sighed.

"Okay, but I'm waiting up until you get in."

Oliver couldn't argue with that. His dad worries too much anyway.

"Alright," He smiled in defeat.

Oliver wasn't up for long after dinner. He knew he would have a very busy day tomorrow and if it would make it easier for him by getting an early night, then that's what he would do.

The whole city will be on standby and will be watching the Masters every move to see if he makes contact with his soulmate. It was an exciting day, but it was just another reminder to Oliver that he is alone.

"Uh, you don't need anyone," He muttered to himself and squeezed toothpaste onto his toothbrush.

He has kissed plenty of girls and then plenty of guys when he realised, girls are not quite right for him. But it has never been anything more than that. He has never been in a proper relationship.

Maybe he didn't want the commitment, but now, he wouldn't mind finding someone.

He just doesn't feel like he has time at the minute.
* * * * *

Vinny was finding it incredibly hard to sleep, not that Vampires sleep all night anyway. He would probably wake up at around half five, maybe six in the morning. But at this rate, he will have no sleep at all.

Tomorrow is too exciting. He can't settle his thoughts.

He went and sat on his windowsill and stared into the dark, gloomy sky.

This time tomorrow, his room will be shared with someone else for the rest of his life. That was making him nervous. The lifelong commitment is rather daunting. But this was normal. Every Vampire goes through this stage at eighteen. His sister did. Now, she is living with her husband in his city, with his family. She probably won't come tomorrow, they were never close.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Vinny dragged himself to his big poster bed and sunk underneath the quilt.

Yes, his room was traditionally how you'd imagine a Vampires bedroom to look. It had dark wooden flooring with a deep red rug for his bed to sit on. He had deep red curtains that hung effortlessly off the huge windows. They were as long as the walls. His room was huge with an on-suit toilet and a walk in wardrobe. He liked it like this. They haven't really bought any furniture since the late eighteen hundreds anyway.

As he closed his eyes, thoughts of tomorrow started drifting back into his mind again. It will be stressful, busy and very tense. His parents will be watching him like a hawk, but he is sure he'll find a way to hide for a few hours. If not, then he'll just have to be extra blunt to the people around him. Maybe that will make them leave.

He doesn't mean to be so emotionless and moody. It's just who he is. He knows his parents will think having a soulmate will change that. But that all depends on how strong the connection is.

There are a few different types.

The one his parents have is medium. They Love each other, never really argue and they can be apart for at least a week at a time. His sister's connection is weak. She argues a lot with her husband, they upset each other, but when it really comes down to it, they are in love.

And then there's the strong connection. They would feel the love straight away. They can't argue, they can't upset each other and they can only be apart for a few hours at a time. This is not rare, It just hasn't happened much in the Vanderwood family tree.

Vinny sighed, tomorrow is a huge mystery. He doesn't know when he will meet his lover, he doesn't know what she'll look like and he doesn't know the strengths of their connection.

It's like a ticking time bomb, that promises love instead of destruction.

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