Chapter 21

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"So um, I was just thinking about how vampires age because of that painting of you upstairs, you look the same but it was done centuries ago," Oliver said after he had finished eating some toast. With Vinny's help, he finally made it to the dining room.

"I should have mentioned that," Vinny turned on his chair. He was sitting next to Oliver at the grand dining table. "When we connected our bond, your ageing process changed to how a vampire would age." He watched Oliver's eyebrows raise.

"Really? How long do you- well, how long will I live for now?"

Vinny thought for a second, he was trying to find the best way to explain it.

"I'm eighteen, in vampire years," He said. "But I've lived for eighteen thousand years if I counted my birthday according to human years." He saw it process through his soulmates mind.

"So, for every vampire year, you live one thousand human years?" He asked.

Vinny nodded, he was surprised that Oliver didn't look too bothered by how long he'll live for. It was a huge change to the lifeline he once had. But he has enough to deal with so maybe it'll sink in later.

"That'll mean that... my dad's life is really short." Oliver realised it was a bit unfair that he was now blessed with this incredibly long life and his dad isn't.

"Well, maybe we can change that."

"What do you mean? How?" Oliver frowned with confusion.

"Don't think about it now, I'll explain when it becomes relevant." Vinny knew his dad wouldn't have made a proposal to John about... that.

"Okay," Oliver smiled. He knew that if Vinny didn't want to tell him just yet, it was for a good reason.

"How did you sleep last night Oliver?" Duke then asked and looked up from some paperwork. He was sitting opposite the boys. Madison and John were sorting out their moving house business somewhere else.

"Great, thank you," He said politely. He did sleep really well. Vinny's bed is extremely comfortable.

Well... their bed.

"Good, are you settling into this new lifestyle okay?"

"It's still quite strange, but I'm over the initial shock of it all now."

Vinny watched Oliver. He couldn't wait to start developing their affectionate feelings. He just wanted to hold his hand and cuddle him.

And kiss him.

He was starting to admit that he did want to know what it would feel like to kiss Oliver. Yes, It might be odd to kiss another guy but he knew he would like it because it would be his soulmate who he was kissing.

"I'm really glad you're getting used to each other," Duke smiled. He noticed that Vinny had watched Oliver all morning. He also noticed that he would soften his gaze every time Oliver smiled or spoke. It was unusual for Duke to see his son without a glare or a moody frown. Clearly, this human will be the centre of attention in Vinny's world from now on.

"Oliver, would you like to see the gardens?" Vinny asked, knowing if he stayed in the dining-room for much longer, his dad would probably start asking embarrassing questions.

Oliver's gaze wandered to the big windows and the snow was falling hard.

"Sure." The gardens were the only part of the Vanderwood property he hadn't seen.

* * * * *

When they had their coats, boots and gloves on, they headed towards the garden doors. The corridors were busy as anybody working didn't hesitate to get a glimpse of Vinny and Oliver together.

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