Chapter 4

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  By two in the afternoon, there was still no sign of Vinny's soulmate. The talking became louder in the restaurant as Oliver was thankful to go on a lunch break. People from all over the city were trying to get close to the mansion so they were first to hear of any news. 

Oliver walked through the busy hallways while he made his way to the cloakroom. He was planning on going outside for some peace and quiet. The noise has been non-stop since the restaurant opened. It's closing in two hours so it gives everyone time to tidy it and continue to get tonight's event perfect. 

"You!" A powerful voice shouted, making Oliver stop. He turned to see the Alpha walking towards him. He had a look of determination in his eye. He has been rushed off his feet all day. "Where are you going?"

Oliver blinked a few times, this was the first time the Alpha has even looked at him.

"Uh... lunch break," He replied nervously. He hoped that he hadn't done anything wrong. Even having the Alpha standing right in front of him was very daunting.

"Okay, but first, take this to the bins outside, hurry now," Duke said while giving him a gentle push in the direction of the back doors before rushing off down the hallway. Oliver sighed and continued his way to the cloakroom. There's no way he's going outside without his coat. 

Charles was busy with some delivery guys so Oliver put the rubbish bag down and quickly headed into the cloakroom. 

When he had his gloves and his coat on, he picked the bag back up and carried on his journey towards the back-doors. 

It wasn't fully shut so it was easy for him to kick the door open and step down into the alley. It was wide and clean, unlike most alleys. This one was part of the Vanderwood's property, so he wouldn't expect anything less.

The bin was only about two meters from the door, Although, it was icy and he didn't change back into his boots so he had to be cautious and not slip.

He carefully walked over and threw the bag in the big dustbin with a sigh. He couldn't wait to have his lunch break.

When he turned around, he got a shock to see someone leaning casually against the wall. But when he realised who it was, his heart immediately thumped in his chest.

It was the Master and he was glaring at Oliver, as he does to everyone.

Oliver quickly diverted his gaze to the ground and hurried back to the door. He didn't want to make eye contact, the vampire's eyes are too intimidating. 

The Master was having time to himself after half a day of constant noise and attention. He was sick of everyone watching him and he was fed up of the crowded hallways.

Vinny watched as the worker walked swiftly back to the door. 

"Wait," He grumbled in his deep voice while straightening up. The boy froze and turned to look at him. Oliver was very shocked, this was the first time he had ever heard the Master talk to any human, And it was him. "Is it still busy?" His voice was exceptionally blunt as he walked over to the door.

Oliver cleared his throat and nodded.

"Um, yes Master," He said quietly and waited, wanting to let him enter first. It was only the polite thing to do. But he was cursing himself in his head. He looked like a complete loser. The Master was so condescending and he couldn't help but feel so insignificant in the presence of someone so important, powerful and dominant. 

The Master's glare grew colder. He couldn't face more excited people watching and judging his every move. 

Just then, there were bright flashes from the gate at the bottom of the alley. They both turned to see journalists and news reporters straining their necks and arms with cameras to see who the Master was talking to.

Without warning, Vinny grabbed the worker by his coat and shoved him quickly inside. He pushed him into the wall and slammed the door shut behind him. The human now looked nervous.

Oliver was in fact very nervous. He didn't want this to get him into trouble.

"Do you not have work to do or something?" Vinny snapped with annoyance.

Oliver pulled his coat off before turning to leave. The Master's attitude is not worth his time of day. 

Vinny watched him leave. For some reason, he found himself feeling bad about talking to him like that. But he didn't even know him, he has never seen his face until now. 

The vampire watched until he was no longer in sight before coming to his senses. Now he needs to find another place to melt into the shadows. He hates his high status sometimes.

"E-Excuse me, Master, your father is looking for you." A voice snapped him from his thoughts. He turned to see Desmond, standing proudly in front of him.

Vinny gave him an angry frown before walking past him like he wasn't even there.

He's not too fond of Desmond.

Mainly because of how big headed and cocky he likes to be. He has passed him plenty of times while he was busy boasting to his friends about how the Alpha pays him a lot of attention. He wanted to stop and put Desmond in his place, but he simply couldn't be bothered wasting time on someone who would only boast about the fact that the Master had spoken to him. 

As he walked down the corridors, he tried to avoid people as much as possible. He knew his dad would most likely be in the kitchen, so that's where he was headed. 

When he turned another corner, he almost walked straight into his mum.

"Vinny, where have you been!?" She asked as she stopped talking to a maid and gave him a disapproving frown. He crossed his arms and diverted his gaze to a group of workmen who were carrying crates of drinks for tonight.

"I needed some air," He mumbled slowly when his attention caught sight of the worker he had talked to in the alley.

The boy's attention was elsewhere as he quickly walked down the corridor.

Vinny watched him walk past while Madison watched her son. What was he looking at? She looked down the busy corridor and saw no potential female soulmate that could have caught her son's eye.

"What is it? Who are you looking at?" She asked, snapping him out of his daze.

"What? Nobody," He frowned. She shook her head at his defensive manner before taking his arm in hers and walking towards the kitchen.

"You know Vinny, you might have already crossed paths with your soulmate today," She beamed.

"Wouldn't I have known if I did?" He asked, trying to ignore peoples excited glances.

"Not at first, if the time wasn't right. She'll be here somewhere. If not in the mansion, then close by." This made Vinny's nerves spark up again.

"What if she's human?" His expressionless face was interested to hear the answer.

"It doesn't matter if she's human. Well, of course, we would be happier if she was a vampire, but it's not your fault who you fall in love with." She gently tightening her grip on his arm. 

Vinny nodded to himself for reassurance.

"Will my soulmate know when I know?" He asked. Madison stopped walking and looked up to him.

"Why so many questions all of a sudden?" She smiled, making him frown deeper.

"Fine, I'll stop asking then," He muttered and crossed his arms.

"Son, I'm just wondering. That's all," She chuckled. "And no, only you will know who it is. But you'll have to make contact for them to feel it too." 

Vinny didn't know why he hadn't asked those questions before. He also didn't know why he was suddenly interested. 

Maybe this means the time is getting closer for him to meet his lover.  

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