Chapter 12

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Oliver's mind was racing, he was hugging Vinny Vanderwood? This is Insane. How could this be happening so quickly? He feels so in love with him but he also knows the vampire feels exactly the same.

But how did he just know that?

When they both pulled away, they watched each other for a long few seconds.

When Vinny's mind re-entered the real world, he looked across at his parents. They seemed relaxed and happy.

"How about you both take a seat and get to know each other a little more before Oliver has to go back to work," Duke smiled. "I would love to give you time off, under the circumstances. But we are still short of staff I'm afraid."

Oliver didn't mind, he knew he'd be going back to work anyway.

"It's okay, I understand," He smiled, still remembering to be polite.

"Are you kidding?" Vinny questioned. "You're seriously making him go back to work."

"Vinny, half of the workers are home today, I can't afford to-"

"That's ridiculous," He muttered and returned back to his usual grumpy self.

He turned and started walking towards the couch. He knew if Oliver was going back to work, he'd want to spend all the free time he had talking to him.

But he shouldn't have to keep working. He's not just an average human trying to earn his way in the world, he's part of something much bigger now.

Oliver followed him. The huge leather couches sat around a big, grand coffee table. On the walls were big paintings of beaches, forests and some random ornaments lay delicately on long wooden shelves.

They sat next to each other but they didn't know how close they should sit. Surprisingly, they didn't sit too close. They wanted to of course but they also didn't want to rush things. It was still incredibly daunting for them both.

Oliver looked around before his gaze landed on Vinny, who was already watching him. His cheeks heated up before he quickly glanced down at his hands.

"Is this really happening?" He mumbled, more to himself. Vinny's eyes softened. He can't imagine how confusing this must be for a human. They don't grow up knowing this will happen, unlike him.

"I know it's strange," He said softly. It was unusual for him to be so nice to someone but with Oliver, it was impossible not to be.

"Um, Master? Is-"

"please, Oliver, call me Vinny," He interrupted. He considered him part of the family now, there was no need for dominant names.

"Okay... Vinny," Oliver smiled. It felt so weird saying it to his face. "Is it normal to have feelings that are this strong?" Now when he looks at the vampire, he can't help but feel Love, happiness and affection.

Vinny was lost in Oliver's smile for a second before remembering he had to answer him.

"Yes, it's normal from the strengths of this bond." He saw the confusion form in Oliver's face.

He then went on to explain the different types of bonds and the different things he'd feel depending on the strengths. He explained how they would now only be able to spend two hours apart.

"Oh, so this one is strong?"

Vinny nodded.

"That's why we feel so much love for each other." His mind tingled when he said it.

Oliver looked back to his hands.

"When did you find out that I was your soulmate?" He asked.

"When Desmond was shouting at you, last night." Vinny still finds it a little hard to believe that Desmond did what he did. Why would he knock that tray from Oliver to purposely smash all the bottles, then tell Oliver he had to clean it up?

"And you kept it in this whole time?" He asked. Vinny nodded once more while Oliver raised his eyebrows. "I don't think I would've managed all night."

"It was hard not to walk straight up to you and just connect it." Vinny wished he did that in the first place.

"Why didn't you?"

"I didn't think my parents would accept my soulmate if he was male." He looked over to his parents who were pretending not to watch.

"But, I'm guessing they are okay with it?" He asked.

"Yes, thankfully." Vinny lifted an arm and put it on the back of the couch. His fingers touched lightly against Oliver's shirt, making his heart burst.

"Are you okay with it?" Oliver asked when he saw the concentration it took for Vinny to do that.

"I'm trying to be. It'll take some time for me to get used to you," He said. "I never thought that I'd feel like this towards another guy and it's still difficult to accept it. But I will."

Oliver nodded.

"I hope so," He chuckled, creating a smile from Vinny himself. Oliver had to stop and take it in. He has never seen someone's smile look so beautiful before. Well actually, he has never seen Vinny smile, until now.

It lit up his eyes and his entire face. He was amazed by how happy he actually looked compared to his usual blank expressions.

"What?" Vinny asked as a frown appeared. Oliver was looking almost mesmerised before he cleared his throat.

"Um, you-you smiled, It's just um..." He didn't want to finish but the vampire understood what he was trying to say.

Vinny saw that as a compliment. He knows he barely even looks close to happy when his glare is always showing. That's because little things annoy him. But he can't help it, it's just who he is.

"Right, I think we should start getting this out in the open," Duke said loudly and stood up from his grand dining chair. Vinny stood up too and crossed his arms.

"I don't want to do any interviews or anything," He muttered while narrowing his eyes.

"No no, nothing like that. We're just going to tell the staff and the local news reporters who are outside."

Oliver had seen people waiting outside this morning. Little did he know it was him they were waiting to hear about.

"Oliver, would you like to get in touch with your parents and tell them the news? I think it would be best if they heard it from you first," Madison smiled.

"Oh yeah," He remembered that his dad should probably be informed. "Do you have a phone I could borrow?"

"Yes of course," Duke said and guided him to an expensive looking home telephone.

"Thank you." Oliver picked it up with great care. It even felt expensive. He then dialled his dad's number.

Vinny watched him. He was interested in what people's reactions would be to this. Now that his parents know, he didn't care what anyone else thought.

Oliver tried calling a few times but his dad didn't pick up. Maybe because it would show up as an unknown number? Or maybe he was really busy at work?

He put the phone down and turned back to the Vanderwood's.

"I'll try again later," He said quietly before walking over to Vinny. For some reason, he had to be close again.

"Okay, that's not a problem. Right, let's go and inform the staff," Duke smiled while walking over to the big wooden door.

Vinny wanted to take Oliver's hand but his nerves got the better of him as they followed his parents out and into the grand hallways.

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