Chapter 17

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Almost half an hour went by until Oliver's dad came home. During that time, the boys didn't let go of each other's hand, not even once.

When the door opened, they both stood up from the couch.

John didn't expect anyone home so he was surprised to see the door was unlocked and the lights were on.

"Ollie, you home?" He asked before taking off his coat. He heard footsteps coming from the living-room, making him turn to see his son who looked a little nervous. He was about to ask why he was home early but he heard someone else's footsteps.

Just then, Vinny Vanderwood also appeared from the living room.

He did not expect that.

John has been completely oblivious to any news regarding the Master's soulmate today.

"Oh..." He said with a very stunned expression. "Uh... Hi." He has never seen any of the Vanderwood family in person before.

"Dad I've had something really important to tell you all day. Why didn't you answer your phone?" Oliver asked while John walked over.

"I left it at home," He said before giving him a quick hug. He couldn't help but stare at the teen vampire. He felt very intimidated in his presence. "Forgive me for asking Master but, why are you here? Wait... you haven't been fired have you?" He asked while looking at Oliver.

"No, no I just... um, it's just-" Oliver sighed. How was he supposed to say it? He thought he'd be confident and proud. But now, he was nervous and choking on his words.

"Let's sit down, I'll explain why I'm here," Vinny said when Oliver looked up at him with those big green eyes.

"Sure," John smiled before leading them into the kitchen. 

They all took seats around the table after John offered Vinny all he could possibly offer. Royalty was basically in his kitchen, he didn't know what he should or shouldn't do.

Vinny watched his soulmate. He didn't want to tell his dad everything, he thought it might be better coming from his son.

Oliver could almost read Vinny's mind as he took a deep breath.

"So um, you know Vinny was looking for his soulmate?" He asked, making John frown.

"Ollie, you called him by his first name." He watched the Master as he spoke but he didn't seem phased by it.

"Yeah, Just let me explain." Oliver knew if he didn't get it out now, it wouldn't come out at all. John sat back in his chair, eager to hear what his son had to say. "So, He did find his soulmate last night but he was too worried to tell his parents," He could feel the nerves building in his stomach. "That's why we thought he didn't find her." He didn't know how to word it.

Vinny could tell he would probably keep stalling so he rested a gentle hand on his shoulder and instant warmth rushed through their chests.

"Just say it, it'll be alright," He whispered.

John frowned again. He knows the Master has a reputation for being incredibly stubborn, angry and moody. But sitting here right now, he looks nothing but normal.

"Dad-" Oliver said, making sure he had his full attention. John nodded in response. He has never seen him look so nervous so he knew what he was about to say was important.

Oliver took a big breath and looked him straight in the eye.

"I'm Vinny's soulmate."

He could hear nothing but the sound of his own heart. The world seemed muffled and distant and all he could concentrate on was his dad. What will his reaction be? Will he freak out? Will he accept it? He didn't have a clue. And that's what was panicking him the most.

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