Chapter 59

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Vinny was pulled from his dreams by someone's whimpers. His heavy eyes peeled open in the dark room. The whimpers became clear when he blinked back the tiredness. It was obviously Oliver as he sat himself up and turned to see if his soulmate was okay.

Oliver was sleeping, but he appeared unsettled and stirred with a frown. He looked to be having a bad dream.

Vinny sat up properly and reached over to the lamp. It brightened the room and showed the clear discomfort on the humans face. Vinny couldn't bear to see it; he had to wake him.

"Oliver," he whispered and gently shook his shoulder. The human woke immediately and pushed the vampire back. Oliver's eyes were wide and fearful as they darted around, not recognising his surroundings.

Vinny firmly gripped his shoulders.

"Oliver look at me. It's alright; you're safe!" he said and rested a hand on the side of his face, looking him deep in the eyes. "Look at me, calm down."

Oliver breathed heavy with a sore chest. He looked shaken up as his eyes adjusted to who he was staring at with such panic.

"Sorry, I just... I didn't know where I was," he whispered, struggling to sit up.

"It's okay," Vinny said and rubbed his back, "you don't need to apologise."

Oliver was having a bad dream about the kidnapping, so when Vinny was leaning over him, he freaked out.

"Come on, try and get some more sleep." The vampire gently laid him down and snuggled close.

Oliver did relax with his comfort, but he didn't know if he would manage to get back to sleep. Although, he was grateful that Vinny left the lamp shining.

* * * * *

An hour passed, and Oliver was still awake.

He couldn't bring himself to shut his eyes. His dream had made him paranoid. Oliver knew he was acting silly because he is perfectly safe, but he couldn't calm his mind.

Vinny had fallen asleep forty minutes ago. Oliver could tell by his deep breathing and how relaxed his body was against his as he continued to stare at the dark wood of their poster bed. His eyes were stinging with tiredness, but still, he wouldn't close them.

Oliver turned his head, so his nose touched Vinny's. He could feel his warm breath against his face.

"Oliver," Vinny mumbled quietly, only just waking up. "are you having trouble sleeping?"

Oliver watched his eyes open. They were bloodshot and tired.

"Yes, but don't worry. You should go back to sleep."

Vinny slowly propped himself up and glanced at Oliver's alarm clock. It was 3:45 in the morning, that's why Oliver looked so exhausted.

"Would you like to go down to the kitchen and get something warm to drink?" he suggested with a yawn.

Oliver liked that idea.

"Okay, If you don't mind?" He asked while struggling to sit up. His ribs were extremely painful.

"Of course not, but you'll have to help me. I'm not very good at using modern kitchen things."

Oliver smiled as Vinny helped him out of bed.

"I love how you need help with that," he smiled, making Vinny chuckle which melted Oliver's heart.

They took each other's hand before walking to the door. The corridor was dark, but Vinny switched on the light before they headed to the stairs. He knew it would be easier for them coming back if the lights were already on.

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