Chapter 46

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Vinny looked down to his soulmate with a frown.

"Oliver, don't be alarmed I-" He held his hand up, silencing her.

"This is your Mother?" He questioned. Oliver nodded without taking his eyes off her. "You better not be involved with any of this." He growled.

"Actually, I am," She said while fiddling with her fingers. Her eyes were a little sheepish, yet there was a dark fire lurking in the distance.

Oliver was deeply confused. Is his mum involved with his kidnapping?

"Mum, why on earth would you do this?"

"Because I needed to get you away from them. You can't live like this son," She said while taking a step forwards, but stopped when Vinny's glare burnt holes into her head.

"Away from who? The Vampires? Mum, I've just about had it with people who think they can tell me how to live my life." Oliver was beginning to feel angry.

First Scarlet, then Desmond, and now his own mother who he hasn't seen in years. Is it too much to ask to decide for himself?

"I'm just trying to protect you."

"How? By kidnapping me? Or by abandoning me?" Oliver asked bluntly.

"Now that's not fair. You know how hard it was for me to fall in love with another man and lose feelings for your father. It wasn't my fault that he couldn't get over it."

"Will you listen to yourself? You didn't have to leave and never come back! Why would you do that to me? I'm your son."

Vinny could hear the hurt in Oliver's voice. He could tell he has wanted to get this off his chest for some time now.

"Yes, a son who never got in touch."

Oliver sighed, he never imagined he would be having a domestic argument with his mum in an abandoned house.

"I did, so many times. You have no right to take us like this."

"Why? You think you're better off with that?" She asked and pointed to Vinny with judgement in her eyes.

"Yes, I know I'm better off with him. Why is this such big a problem?"

"Because he's a Vampire. That cut on your wrist, it looks like a bite to me." Satisfaction leaked in her tone.

Oliver quickly shared a glance with Vinny as the guilt flashed within his eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous, he would never hurt me." Oliver squeezed Vinny's hand. "We're leaving." As he started pulling Vinny towards the door, his mum blocked their exit.

"No, do you know how much trouble I went through to get you both here? I'm not just gonna let you leave."

"Mum, you kidnapped the Master of the Vanderwood family. You're still in a lot of trouble whether we leave or not." At this point, Oliver didn't care if his mum got arrested and sent to prison. Mainly due to the fact that he was so angry. But all he wanted was a normal relationship with her, and kidnap is not exactly a normal, healthy relationship.

"What are your plans, now that you have us here?" Vinny was curious. If people managed to break into his home and take him and Oliver without anyone knowing, they must be fairly skilled.

"To kill you for a start," She muttered through gritted teeth. When her hand buried into her pocket, Vinny watched with caution. Is this woman armed?

"Are you serious?" Oliver asked with raised eyebrows. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" His mum has turned into a complete psychopath. She can't be talking about taking a life and mean it.

"Yes, I'm serious," She said and quickly pulled out a gun. Vinny acted fast and pulled Oliver behind him. But Oliver wasn't going to let that happen, it was Vinny she was after, not him.

Oliver pushed him aside as they frowned. Vinny wanted to protect Oliver, but Oliver wanted to do the same for him, although neither of them would allow it. They are both as stubborn as each other.

"Mum, think about what you're doing," He said and watched the gun in her grip. She wasn't even shaking or looking nervous. Her face was concentrating on Vinny as he glared back with confidence.

"Do you know what happens to a soulmate if the other one dies?" He asked slowly. She frowned before glancing at her son. "If you killed me, Oliver would die of a broken heart." It was true. It is impossible for any soulmate to live alone. So if they grow old together and one dies of old age, they die together. "And you don't want to hurt your son, that's not your intentions."

"Isn't it?" She asked and pointed the gun at Oliver. Vinny tried moving in front of him again, but Oliver wouldn't let himself be protected.

"What are you doing? I'm your son." He was staring into her eyes, but they looked so unfamiliar.

"You're no son of mine if you chose to live among the filth!" She yelled, making the whole house echo from her rugged voice.

"We're not filth," Vinny grumbled. He was tired of this generation, giving the Vampires so much hate.

"Yes, you are, thinking you're better than us humans because of your sharp teeth. You're freaks!"

"And you think by setting up a group of people who hate us too, will change things? Vampires have been in charge from the beginning. You don't have the right to step up and start being brave. It's not like we treat you unfairly is it?"

"I think that-"

"Answer my question," Vinny growled.

"No, but you-"

"That's right, we don't," He interrupted her again. "And do you get to live freely and in peace? Do you get to travel the world and live your life the way you want to live it?"

Oliver's mum clenched her jaw.

"Yes, okay. Yes."

"And it was us, who stopped the great war between humans from spiralling out of control. Do you remember that?" Vinny asked. He was extremely irritated. "You hate me, but here I am, in love with your son, a human. Is it that hard to believe that we're just trying to live our lives like the rest of the damn human race?"

Oliver could feel Vinny's passion when he spoke. He squeezed his hand shuffled closer, showing him that he had his soulmates support.

The woman didn't know what to say. It was true that Vampires stopped humans from creating a terrible war and making nuclear weapons. It was them who helped raise money for poverty all over the world and it was them who looked after each city and treated humans with respect and value.

It was ridiculous that people even had a reason to plot against the Vampires, all because of jealousy.

The world could have turned into a much darker place if Vampires were not fair. Humans could live awful lives, but they don't. It's only a select few who think like Vinny's sister, Scarlet. And thankfully they are not in charge.

Oliver took her silence as an opportunity.

"Mum put the gun down. This isn't you."

The reminder that she was holding a gun allowed her to lift it up and shove it against Vinny's head. It was the second time this has happened to him in a week.

Vinny's glare was intense. Did she not listen to a single word he said?

"Son, If you're convinced that you're better off living with your Vampire, then you'll have to choose between us," She spoke while digging her hand into her pocket and pulling out another gun.

When she pointed it at her own head, Oliver started to feel sick. The light in her eyes was dim and her expression was blank. She had lost her sanity.

"You now have a choice," She mumbled and looked at her child. To Oliver, it felt like she could see straight into his soul. "Who dies? Me, or him."

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