Chapter 68

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Oliver sat on one couch, and Vinny sat opposite. Duke, Madison, and Sorina were standing a few meters away, watching what Jasper was doing.

The old vampire had attached a few things to Oliver's temples. They were sticky pads with copper wires leading back into the machine. Vinny had the same connected to his head.

Jasper adjusted a few things on his strange machine. It looked a little old and rusty, but he was quite excited to use it. He knelt in front of an old monitor before switching it on using a metal stick.

Vinny watched as he adjusted the settings before glancing at Oliver. His soulmate twiddled his thumbs and tapped his feet. It was clear that he was nervous. "Oliver," Vinny said, getting his attention, "it's going to be fine."

"It'll hurt a little bit, but there's really nothing to worry about here," Jasper said, and Oliver nodded, showing him he understood. A few more moment went by until Jasper looked satisfied that he could start. "It's ready."

Oliver felt the nerves hit him in the pit of his stomach. "How does it work?"

"Honestly, it's complicated and confusing. I can tell you what will happen when the procedure starts." Jasper adjusted a wire. "It will only take a couple of minutes, maybe less. On the screen, it will print out a percentage showing how much of your souls you currently share with each other. It was completed in the seventies, so it's just your basic screen picture. It's not as advanced as what you all have today with your phones, but it can do what most machines can't."

Oliver and Vinny both nodded as Jasper hovered his finger over the switch again.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes," they said in unison, giving Jasper the go ahead.

"Okay, starting in three... two... one-" He flicked the switch.

At the same time, Oliver and Vinny felt a shock of electricity surging into their temples. Oliver jumped, and Vinny frowned with discomfort. The current travelled into the core of their heads. Oliver didn't break his stare away from his soulmate, Vinny's eyes were preventing him from panicking.

The shock of electricity started to sting as a picture began to develop on the screen.

Madison and Duke swapped their gaze between the boys. Vinny looked calm, and Oliver tried to seem calm. They knew it must be unusual for a human. To have a soulmate is one issue, but to get a bond that is deepening is another, and unique.

Sorina remembered when her husband did this experiment on his father. It required such simple knowledge to work, but a brain of a genius to understand.

"Almost done," Jasper said as the machine ticked away.

Vinny continued to stare at Oliver. He remembered when nobody knew he was his soulmate and Oliver served him and his family with some drinks. He forgot how hard it was not to take his hand and to feel his touch, but Vinny was so worried and scared of his feelings that he couldn't do it.

Now, they act like they've known each other for years and kiss like they've never felt affection. Vinny was very proud of himself, his soulmate, and his parents at how far they've come as a family.

The machine stopped making noise rather abruptly, indicating to everyone that it finished. They watched Jasper, but there were no concerned expressions on his face, thankfully.

"So, your souls are currently connected by sixty-two per cent. That's twelve more than halfway."

Oliver relaxed now that the pain had stopped in his temples, but he could feel a heavy weight on his chest, and Vinny felt the same.

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