Chapter 33

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It was half two in the morning and the Vanderwood mansion was silent. Everyone was peacefully sleeping, apart from one. That person was wandering down the hallways on the second floor.

The mansion was different at night, it was dark and quiet. Someone would find themselves rather lonely if they were to become lost. 

Scarlet approached the door to Vinny and Oliver's room. She looked left and then right before slowly turning the handle. She held her breath when the door creaked but quickly walked inside. 

Her gaze wandered over to the poster bed. As she walked closer, she could see the boys sleeping next to each other. They were close but Vinny made sure he didn't sleep too near. He didn't want to be woken up when Oliver was.

As Scarlet approached the bed, something sharp glistened in the moonlight. She was carrying a small knife and her intentions were evil and sinister. To any normal person, the thought of physically hurting someone would be enough to turn away but Scarlet was twisted and had no sympathy for others.

She walked up to Oliver's side and watched him. He looked peaceful and warm. He still had his hoody on underneath the duvet but thankfully for Scarlet, his arms were showing and resting on his chest.

She leant over him and carefully rolled up his sleeve. When it reached his elbow, he began to stir. He moved a little but it took only seconds for him to settle back down.

Scarlet breathed again and took hold of him. Before she did anything, someone grabbed her.

She gasped and quickly turned.

Kyran was staring at her with worried eyes.

"What the hell are you doing?" He whispered. Scarlet pulled her arm from his grip.

"It has to be done," She whispered back and checked to see if they were still sleeping.

"No, it doesn't. Scarlet, this is wrong," He turned her around. "You've gone too far this time. You'll lose your family."

He was right. They would most likely disown her but she didn't want to be part of a family where humans were accepted. Especially gay ones.

"I don't care, you can't stop me," She huffed.

Kyran shook his head.

"You'll regret it," He whispered. Scarlet shrugged before turning away. Kyran took a moment to process who he was married to. Sometimes he thinks he got given the wrong person, but deep down, they are unfortunately in love.

He decided that he wasn't going to let this go unnoticed so he ran to wake Vinny's parents.

When he was gone, Scarlet's gaze wandered to her brother. He looked relaxed, peaceful and calm. All of that was about to change. Did she feel any regret for what she was about to do? Vinny would hate her and never forgive her. He would probably never even speak to her again or consider her as a sister, but she didn't want Oliver to be viewed as part of this family. She had to show them that it couldn't work.

As she brought the knife up to his arm, she took a breath to steady her hand before slicing deep into Oliver's wrist.

The sharp pain woke him immediately. He let out a cry and looked down to his arm with wide eyes. Blood spilt quickly as he blinked in shock. What just happened?

He looked up at Scarlet with fearful eyes.

"What did you do?" His voice was ragged and tired. She stepped back when Vinny started to wake.

The smell of blood had pulled him from his dreams. It hit him like a kick to his chest. His eyes flickered open and he saw that his soulmate was awake but when he saw the blood, he sat up with big eyes.

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