Chapter 45

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Half an hour had passed until Vinny recovered from whatever he was drugged with. He could feel the rope getting weaker with every pull. He had almost stretched it enough to slide his hand out, it was tied on tightly. He had to keep stopping to take a breath. Missing his soulmate was really aching his chest. He would give or do anything to see his beautiful eyes and to see his heart stopping smile.

"Come on," Muttering to himself, he tried squeezing his hand out.

One final pull and it suddenly popped free from the rope. He sighed in relief as his shoulders throbbed from having his arms tied behind his back. Giving them a little rub, he slowly climbed to his feet.

The vampire stood carefully, just in case he was in a small room with a low ceiling. He didn't want to injure his head, not now. However, he could thankfully stand up tall and stretched his neck.

In front of him was pitch black. He felt like he had his eyes closed while he reached out in front of him and took a small step forward. His fingers instantly hit something cold and hard. He reached behind him and made contact with the wall.

He must be in a cupboard. Or at least, an incredibly small room.

His fingers traced lightly over the cold wall as he searched for a door. He frowned in concentration when his fingertips grazed over a line. He followed it down until his arm bumped something. Feeling it with his fingers, he came into contact with a door handle.

Hope filled the vampire and he took a breath to steady his thoughts. Pulling down on the handle, he pushed the door as hard and as fast as he could manage. It made an unhealthy noise, indicating that it was locked and he just broke the door. But he didn't care, he was free.

Light flooded his eyes, making him squint. He got used to it quickly and scanned his surroundings. He was in a room, but it was crumbling and the walls were scummy and mouldy. There was nothing but cold concrete for the floor as he stepped out.

Looked down, he was surprised to find that he had been changed. He was wearing black jeans, a black fitted shirt and a dark purple waistcoat that hadn't been buttoned up. He thought it was strange that someone had changed him, but they may have needed him to look normal for transporting him to wherever he is now.

As he buttoned up his waistcoat, he stepped lightly across the floor. His mysterious presence helped him to remain silent as he approached the door. Vinny is very good at blending into the background when he needs to.

He opened the door incredibly slow. It creaked a little but it was nothing to worry about, the hallway was empty.

Vinny was confused. If he was kidnapped by people who knew what they were doing, they would be guarding this room. Vampires are strong and to expect him to stay tied up in ropes was ridiculous. However, they must be guarding the exits instead.

"Hello!? Can anyone hear me!?" Vinny suddenly heard a very familiar voice. It could only be recognised as Oliver's.

His heart fluttered in his chest as he ran in that direction. He looked desperately in all the rooms. They were all dirty with bare walls, but also empty.

He then approached one that was locked.

Oliver suddenly looked up when the handle moved. Panic filled his chest as he stared at the door with worried eyes. Was it his kidnapper? Are they here to hurt him because he was shouting?

Vinny took a step back, ready to break into the room.

Oliver jumped when the door was almost knocked off its hinges. His heart thumped in his chest and fear filled his mind. But his eyes fell on a familiar person.

"Vinny!" He breathed as they both felt the relief of emotions, instantly flooding their hearts.

As soon as their gaze connected, the vampire couldn't stop himself from running over. He flew his arms around Oliver and hugged him incredibly tight. Oliver's hands were tied behind his back, but he could still feel and smell the comforts of his soulmate.

Vinny was so very pleased that Oliver was okay and that they were reunited once more. He breathed in his addictive scent and rubbed his back. After kissing his cheek multiple times, Oliver pushed his head into Vinny's shoulder and closed his eyes.

They both felt the bond returning to normal as their bodies melted into one another. They knew they couldn't hug for long, although they have been apart for a while and all they wanted was to be close.

Vinny pulled his head back and examined Oliver's face. There was so much joy in his eyes.

"Are you hurt?" He asked while running a hand through Oliver's hair. He shook his head to say no before leaning forwards and connecting their lips.

Vinny gave him a long kiss but he had to pull away. They needed to get out of here and fast.

"Can you untie me?" Oliver asked when Vinny moved behind him.

"Yes, lean forwards." He mumbled and started pulling at the rope.

Oliver could feel what he was doing, so when Vinny pulled the rope, he tried pulling his hand free. The rope was stiff and quite thick, but the vampire was strong.

"Almost... got it-" Giving it one last tug, Oliver's hand popped free. He quickly brought his arms around to his front, taking the opportunity to wrap his arms around his soulmate.

Vinny couldn't stop himself from doing the same. So much love was flowing through them as they shared this warm embrace.

The human gripped tightly onto Vinny's waistcoat. Finally, he had hope that they might get away from this place, unharmed.

"Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine," Vinny smiled before leaning in and kissing him again. It was short and sweet, but settled their cravings and re-connected their bond. "Come on." He pulled him to his feet. "You need to be as quiet as possible okay?"

Oliver nodded as they took each other's hand, tightly intertwining their fingers.

They stayed incredibly close. So much danger could be nearby and they needed one another's support if they were to get out of here safely. But just before they reached the door, it suddenly opened.

The boys froze when a woman walked in. She also froze when she saw Vinny and Oliver, standing in the middle of the room. They were supposed to be tied up.

However, Oliver frowned in shock as his eyes traced the familiar woman. Vinny had no idea who it was while he stood in a protective manner, ready to guard his soulmate.

Oliver couldn't bring himself to look fearful or cower away. This woman should bring happiness and love with her presence, but in this situation, she only brought confusion.


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