Chapter 5

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An hour after the event had started, the Master's soulmate had still not made an appearance.

Vinny was standing at a table with his parents and a few other family members. He was looking around the room. It was filled with other distant family members, friends of his parents and a big amount of female Vampires.

To Vinny's surprise, not a single girl had sparked his interest. Of course, all of them were beautiful in some way but he wasn't physically attracted to any of them. His parents had made sure he greeted everyone at the door when they came in and still, no connection.

"Would you like a drink?" Someone asked from behind. Vinny turned to see a pretty girl, standing cutely with two beer bottles in her hand. His eyes scanned her but still, nothing.

"No," He said before turning back around.

The girl frowned but tried again.

"Are you sure? I've been watching you all night. You haven't touched a drink."

Vinny silently rolled his eyes before turning back around.

"Really, I'm fine." His expressionless tone and emotionless face were enough to make her huff and stomp away. He watched, wondering why nobody was giving him that spark. Why can't it just happen already?

People were glancing at him and he felt like his every move was being judged. He didn't care what people thought of him. He would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. So ignoring them was rather easy. His family, on the other hand, was not.

"So Vinny, have you got that feeling yet?" His uncle asked while nudging his shoulder.

"No," He muttered as he looked around once more.

"Aw bless him, he's getting all upset about it," His uncle laughed and tried to grab his cheeks. He was rather drunk already.

Vinny stepped back and turned to his dad for help.

"Can you go check on the kitchen staff for me? Thanks, son." Duke knew Vinny hated socialising with sober people, let alone his drunk family that barely even visits.

He nodded before sneakily walking towards the door.

Once he was away from all the noise, he let out a big puff of air. He has four and a half hours left of the day. During that time, he would find out who his soulmate is.

It was annoying him that it was taking so long. He is an impatient person so having to wait all day for something this big was killing his nerves.

Why was it taking so long? Is she not here yet? Part of him felt a little worried that it might not happen. As much as this day was slow, annoying and stressful, deep down, he was somewhat excited to finally meet the love of his life and he didn't want to be alone. That thought was enough to send uncomfortable shivers down his spine.

He looked up and down the grand corridor and for the first time today, there was nobody in sight.

Vinny slowly started making his way to the kitchen. He wanted to savour the peace and quiet.

The halls were wide with high ceilings. The walls had big portraits and paintings of important family members. There were random artefacts and things they have collected over the years. All of them were of great value and added to the theme of the corridors. Vinny loved this mansion.
It was huge but to him, it was home.

As he turned a corner, he could hear distant shouting. It sounded like someone was being told off and it sounded a lot like Desmond's voice.

The vampire rolled his eyes and walked silently down the hallway. His mysterious body language comes in handy from time to time.

As he reached the end of the corridor, he looked around again to see nobody in sight. Everyone was too busy catering the guests.

He peered around the corner and looked down another passageway. Once he saw it was Desmond, his glare approached his eyes while he crossed his arms and leant against the wall, getting ready to watch what was going on.

"Do you not realise how unprofessional that was?" Desmond yelled as Oliver stood, trying to keep his mouth shut. He had dropped a wine glass and it spilt all over Desmond's shoes, therefore, he was extremely angry. Also, he seemed to find any excuse to yell at Oliver. He admits it looked bad for him to do that, but it was an accident. Desmond shouldn't have been standing right behind him.

Part of it was amusing, but he would never show it. He liked this job and would rather not get fired.

"I'm really sorry, I can't apologise to you enough." He did feel bad but Desmond needs to calm down. It's not like his shoes are ruined. The wine had dried already.

"You're right, you can't!" He spat before slamming his hand down and onto the tray that Oliver was holding. It instantly fell from his grip and landed forcefully on the ground, smashing all the beer bottles.

The noise was deafening in the silent halls as Oliver gasped.

He was stunned. As much as he didn't agree with Desmond's actions, he didn't think he would be so childish.

"Clean up that mess," He said angrily before turning to leave. But before he could even step away, a powerful, deep voice came from down the hall.

"No, you clean up that mess," The Master growled in a low voice, clearly angry.

The workers looked up to see his expression was dark. Desmond froze. He looked like a deer in the headlights, but he had been caught doing something irresponsible. Nobody had seen him, lurking in the shadows.

"Y-Yes Master," He stuttered before quickly kneeling at Oliver's feet to pick up the broken glass.

Vinny looked at the worker who he had seen several times throughout the day. Why? He wasn't even aware he existed until today.

Oliver wasn't sure what to do. He was secretly happy that someone had caught that but the Master was staring at him and he felt a little strange about it. Was he in the wrong too? Did the Master listen to what had happened?

Desmond then gasped, making Oliver look down. He had cut his finger on the glass. He knelt down to help but the Master didn't think he deserved it.

"No, don't help. Go back to the kitchen and carry on with your job," He said but as Oliver looked back up, something suddenly changed within Vinny.

A strong series of emotions hit him, right in the chest.

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